Destination Expert? Tell Us!

Here at Holiday Truths when it comes to the world’s best holiday spots we know who the experts are – you guys.

Which is why we’re sure you’ll be keen to get involved in our latest project.

Thanks to you we have thousands of reports on hotels and resorts around the world, telling the truth and sharing the knowledge people need to know to make informed choices about their holidays.

But we want to do even more and this is where you come in.

As part of our ongoing work to ensure Holiday Truths is and always will be the number one independent site for holiday reviews, we are growing our focus on the destinations themselves.

Is Marbella worth the hype? Has Paris lost its lustre? Are the Maldives worth going the extra mile? Is Morocco on the way up or on the way out?

We know you know and so whether you have marvelled at Malaga, been blown away by Bodrum or had a palaver in Balaclava, we want to hear about it with more reviews.

Don’t worry if your experiences were good, bad or utterly indifferent; the point is if you’ve been there and have an opinion then we know other Holiday Truth visitors will want to hear it.

And if you’re a regular visitor to a resort then we are confident that your in-depth knowledge, whether it’s about a fabulous day trip, a restaurant worth visiting or a bar where the fun is guaranteed, will make all the difference to others planning a trip.

Nor will your advice go unrecognised by us. First of all we will give you the recognition you’re due by crediting you with supplying all the latest need-to-know info.

Secondly, and while we can’t say too much yet, plans are afoot to ensure those of you supplying us with the best information will be known to all as one of our site’s top tippers so watch this space.