Foreign Office’s New Free Travelling Guide

I’m not sure what it’s like these days but when I was young going travelling was a rite of passage.

Whether it was before university, after university, a replacement for university, after a few months doing some terrible job or simply to avoid getting a job, disappearing off to a country where you could live for a day for the price of a meal in the UK was on every 20-something’s mind.

And while travelling might be easier these days thanks to mobile phones and the internet, it pays to be prepared.

Which is why anyone planning a lengthy trip now should get themselves a copy of Plan.Pack.Explore, a travel guide released today by the Foreign Office aimed at helping ensure you are fully prepared.

This 72-page guide is free of charge and is available as an app, online or even as an old-fashioned book complete with paper pages.

Advice covers everything from travel insurance and inoculations to visas and fitting in with local customs and will also reassure anxious parents.

Given the Foreign Office’s own figures reveal that in the last six months as many as one in four 16-24 year olds travelled without insurance and only a quarter made health-related preparations, it’s probably pretty essential.

As Khalida Cox from the Know Before You Go team, which is behind the publication, at the Foreign Office says: “Now that exam results are out and people start considering a gap year, preparation can be daunting for young people and their parents – particularly if it is a trip away without family for the first time.

“Plan.Pack.Explore. helps travellers understand exactly what they need to do before they go away and provides essential information for parents in the run up to the big trip.

“The guide will also be invaluable for those who book last minute travel and need essential travel preparation advice quickly.”