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Thanks for all your replies, Benalmadena must have been very empty this summer.
To answer my query. The Albatros is not open until first week of Sept..Bumped into Alan and Jim while out walking whilst there.
Where is the Albatros, Pipefitter? I've been frequenting the area since 1988, mainly Bonanza Square and now billetted in Torreblanca, but not come across it.
And, yes, it was very quiet on each occasion I ventured down this year, winter (which you expect) and summer (alarmingly). On a happier note it was good to see a young couple from the north of England making a go of the old Rockin Robin Bar in the Square, formely owned by an old mate of mine but passed from owner to owner since he sold up a few years back. Now called The Local, in the corner of Bonanza Square at the top of the steps, on the Jupiter-Minerva side, its worth a visit if anyone is passing
  • Edited by jimg 2012-08-21 12:10:09
Am surprised you dont know where it is seeing that you have been coming since 88. Its not far from Bonanza/ibenza squares its on Ave Telefonica aka cardiac hill just opposite Hotel Bali
Can't place it at all, Pipefitter... will have a saunter (downhill) when I'm back out next month. Cheers

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