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Hi there,

can anyone give us some advice as to whether it is possible, or where it is possible to hire a mini bus for a few days in Gran Can? We are having a family invasion on 9th November and since the rest of the family have never been, me and rob would like to show them the island..

If it is not possible to hire a mini bus, is it possible and where is possible to hire a people carrier or 2? (we forgot the driving licences when we came in March and explored by bus and taxi..ooops)

Val and Rob
Can anyone recommend a car hire company. We are staying in Mogan and would want to pick the car up at the airport.
Yes, Niza have offices in Puerto Rico but for airport hire try this company - based at the airport and prices competitive.
Anyone have any opinions on hiring a car here? - have been to Tenerife the last couple of years and hired a car for a few days, found the driving okay (very different from UK tho!!) Loads of roundabouts and crossings that the locals pay no attention to! But then again the taxi drivers are mad.
We would like to see a bit of the island of GC so if anyone can advise us of decent car hire companies on the island then please do..........

Thanks :wink:
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David HT Mod
I know it is along way off but we are going to peurto rico for new year and I would like to know if anyone could recomend any good car hire companys with reasonable prices from the airport, and is it easy to get to the resort and what are the roads like as I have driven many times abroad before but some countries are worse than others.

many thanks

Has anyone ever used Sixt car hire in Gran Canaria? They seem cheaper than Holiday Autos and claim there is no 'excess'. Are their vehicles OK?
We are staying in Puerto Rico next month and want to hire a car for the whole time we are there with pick up/drop off at the airport. Has anyone got any recommendations please ? I am looking for companies that offer zero insurance excess with CDW cover.

Wow, this is possibly the least active car hire thread I have seen in any of the HT forums :( - very few queries and no replies to the previous two either. No matter, I have done my own research and booked with AutoReisen who were not only the cheapest but had good cover with the required collision damage waiver as well as no insurance excess to pay in the event of a ding. You pay on arrival at their airport kiosk so there are no cancellation charges if you have to cancel prior to your holiday for any reason. You also return the car with the same amount of fuel as it had on pick up so no having to pay upfront (and over the odds) for a full tank of fuel that you might not even be able to use. Minimum age for hiring is 25. Their cars aren't always less than 6 months old but I have used AutoReisen twice before in Lanzarote so know that they are an ok company to deal with.

We recently reported a shortage of hired cars in parts of Spain and the Algarve, due to rental suppliers being unable to increase fleet stock levels as a result of the current economic climate.

This has since been borne out by members finding it difficult or impossible to rent cars at their holiday destinations.

However, we now know of at least two members who had successfully reserved cars with
Auriga Crown
in Majorca and Valencia, but have now received emails informing them at very short notice that their bookings have been cancelled due to the non-availability of vehicles. No alternative options were made available to them and it seems the only option may be public transport.

We are not suggesting that any or all bookings with
Auriga Crown
are at risk but anyone holding reservations with that company, either directly or through a car hire broker, may like to keep an eye on their email inboxes or spam folders for any unexpected or unwanted news.

David :wave
Just wanted to second Robbo11's recommendation of AutoReisen - we found them very competitive price-wise and had no problems either picking up or dropping of the car at the airport.
Can someone recommend some place to rent a car for approx. 3 days.I am staying at the Altamar so some place within walking distance would be nice.Thanks in advance of any replies.
A word of warning:- We hired a car through for Gran Canaria and received the voucher. It turned out the pick-up point given was totally incorrect which resulted in us spending nearly one and a half hours at the airport, making several phone calls and finally getting a taxi to the Orlando's local office at a cost of 15 euro's. On return we contacted Holiday Cars to complain and received an auto response that they would deal with the matter in 4 -6 weeks!!! Three days after the six weeks expired we received an email stating we needed to supply all the details of the complaint AGAIN and our credit card number via email. As is common knowledge this is a totally insecure method to send card details, and low and behold they would contact us in yet another 4-6 weeks !!!!
We have never encountered a more incompetent company with such appalling customer service, so although they may be ok if everything goes right, if you have a problem BEWARE.....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Can someone recommend some place to rent a car for approx. 3 days.I am staying at the Bahia Blanca so some place within walking distance would be nice.Thanks in advance of any replies.

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