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Anyone got a link to current plane or duty free ciggie prices going to tunisia
Thanks Rosie
Hi Rosie, I went to PEK in Tunisia in February 2008 I forget exactly how much the cigarettes were on the plane, but they were the cheapest and of course they are genuine cigarettes. We bought Superking Blacks in the "shops" at the marina in PEK and they all turned out to be fakes. I emphasise they were purchased in the shops and not from sellers on the beach or in booths but they were still fakes. When we compared them to the real thing back home the nicotine and tar levels were all much too high and there was no carbon monoside content given which is required of all cigarettes manufactured in th EU. Also these cigarettes were wrapped in paper and all genuine Superkings are in cardboard boxes wrapped in cellophane.

I would strongly urge you to buy cigarettes from duty free shops or on the plane. If you do consider buying in the shops in Tunisia take a genuine packet with you so you can compare them and do look very closely at the packets. Also, do be aware that whilst the hotels will change your money for you, they will not change it back at the end of your holiday. If you have a lot of dinars left you will have to change them with the banks at the airport and they charge 30% commission!! Change your money little and often is the advice, do not be left with a lot of dinars at the end of your holiday, it could cost you!
Thanks Wentworth, it's for my neighbours who are going to the same place tommorow, I have given them your advice.

Appreciated Rosie
Hi All

My Mother in Law smokes Berkeley in the red packet not the Menthol ones.

Last year we was only able to buy them in Duty Free at the Airport and because were good kiddies we only bought 400 although the cashier wanted us to buy double :clap

Does anyone know if we can get them in Monastir this year or on the plane

Also where is the duty free landside when you arrive in Monastir, I've been Monastir 3 times now and swear i walk through there with my eyes shut as i haven't seen it yet :rofl
It's just after passport control where you'll find the duty free. Must admit never saw it before myself until this year as I had to look for it because somebody ordered something to buy there. It's brightly lit up, you can't miss it really.
i am going on a budget holiday to tunisia. was wondering if any person can recommend a shop in monastir which sells real cigarettes. I am not a smoker so wouldnt know how to detect fakes other than advice given by other members on this forum.

Also the cost of what i am expected to pay tha be ripped off? And do customs over there really care?

thanks in advance.
cIGARETTES are costing approx €24 at Monastir Airport

We bought ours in supermarkets that tunisians use Mars lights 18 Dinars a carton
could anyone tell me if there is golden virgina tobacco to be got in tunisia if so how much per 50gm pk thanks

Comparing a cig pack from the UK to ones in Tunisia (or anywhere else) won't necessarily tell you if a pack is fake as genuine cigarettes are manufactured in different places and the packaging can vary slightly depending where they are to be sold. I've also found that the nicotine and tar levels vary in different places too.

If you're buying in a shop in Tunisia the genuine cigs should have a blue strip on the lid of the pack. Not sure if all that don't are fakes, but it's a good general rule. A Tunisian friend of mine won't buy cigs without the blue strip on.

Ditto the counterfeit boys on the beach
Is the cigarette allowance to bring home still only 200? We went to Bulgaria in June and the allowance is 3200
Is the cigarette allowance to bring home still only 200? We went to Bulgaria in June and the allowance is 3200

As Bulgaria is in the EU you have an increased allowance, for Tunisia the allowance is either 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250g of tobacco or a combination up to the maximum allowance, for example if you only bring back 100 cigarettes (50% of your full allowance of 200), you may also bring back 25 cigars (50% of the full allowance) to make up your 100% tobacco allowance.
Can you buy menthols out there? if you can what price are they?Thanks :)
I always smoke Royales in Tunisia and they do 'normal', 'legere' (light) and menthol. When I was out there a couple of months ago they had gone up to almost 3 dinar a packet (approx £1.50) :yikes

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