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We have booked to stay 2 weeks at this hotel and now after reading a recent review on Trip Advisor I am wondering if we have done the right thing! Negative reviews don't normally bother me because when all is said and done we are usually only in our rooms either to sleep or to get showered and changed before we head out for food and drinks in the evening. I suppose I'm just curious!! :que
I have just had a quick look at the most recent reviews and most of them are positive. It looks like you need to decide whether a great pool, friendly staff, OK food and being spotless is more important than a tired room, bed linen and towels. One complaint was because their towels weren't shaped into anything other than a square!

luci :wave
We have just returned from Olu Deniz and we stayed at the Majestic. No problems at all. Breakfast was usual buffet but you could have omelettes and pancakes for free and there were also hot food in trays. Prices were same as out on the streets. All staff very friendly, one guy named Jimmy has the annoying habit of creeping up behind you and tickling with a twig or leaf, he can be a pain at times. Rooms were good, ask for room with pool view, rooms at the back were dark and miserable. All in all, no complaints and would return to the Majestic.
Hi Dave glad to hear you had a nice time :tup

Would you please add your review when you have the time

Many thanks :tup
Thankyou so much Dave 10, your reply has made me smile and now i'm excited to go!!! 5 weeks 6 days and counting. :-)

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