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Just want to say I usually use tapatalk via my phone to access HT and have just logged in via the laptop and I love the new look.
a big thumbs up for the Blog feature :tup
Glad you like it, once we get settled, we plan to start inviting forum members to write posts :)
and of course they will be given money for the research for the article- i'll do one for Barbados :rofl
over on another site, the blog they have also links to a discussion thread on the forums. An idea for here?
been away of HT for 10 months, with personal stuff, logged in last night and its all changed, gona take me ages now trying to find my way round loving the new colours tho.
only got one question( might find more later lol) were has the other rooms gone ie the games rooms stuff like that? tammie
hi tammy the games and things moved well over a couple of years back to another site as they were not holiday related

Hi Tammie52,

Welcome back!

Thanks. It's changed a bit ain't it , cnt find a thing lol

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