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I know it's very early in the season but does anybody know the Exchange Rate us Brits can expect from the The Banks, The Hotels and The Kiosks for our had earned dosh...?

Since Nov 2010 and With the demise of the once brilliant 'free' Nat West Flex Card (now chargeable although still cheaper than most) I now will interested to find out the best rates on the Island.

The Euro has fallen pretty much week on week for some time now and the best rate I can get locally via Intercash (paying cash and without commish/postage) is approx 1.095 Euro to the £. Aoout 2 months ago it was around 1.15 euro to the £.

I know on Rhodes The Banks/Hotels etc will take commish, and taking Sterling to exchange is fine by all of them but could be expensive so I will take my Flex Card as well.

Any info is appreciated and thanks in advance... regards, Jim

We travel from Gatport Airwick on Wed 25th May for a fortnight and our third visit to The Luca Cypria in Faliraki.
I am off to Rhodes on Wednesday and are just taking sterling to change over there.
We have been told that Sophias Travel just over the road from the Sun Palace hotel gives a good rate of exchange.
We also have a Nationwide Flex card and some Euros left from a holiday a couple of years ago.
I have read on TA that yesterday the rate was 1.14 minus the 2% commission so we will just wait and see what Sophias Travel offer.
more or less everywhere here in 'raki charges 2% comission on exchange and the rate goes up and down daily so i wont quote today's as it will be different,in general though i've always found the 2% comission cancels out the slightly better rate and you end up getting the exact same overall as you would in the UK.

don't risk taking your cash to rhodes town,most of the kiosks there charge silly money,i've seen most advertising 4% but some can be higher,or 4% plus a 'service charge' of a few euros
We are used to changing money in shops in Turkey which give the best rate with no commission so if everyone charges commission in Rhodes we may as well take our Nationwide Flex card.
Even with the charges it seems that it will be the better rate?
i'll be honest i have no idea how the cards you mention work,not used an english bank card for years
They were free of charges until last November and they we always got the bank rate from the ATMs.
Since they introduced the charges we havent used it so will have to work out which rate is best.
As stated in a new post above the Euro reached a decent price yesterday. Started the week on 1.09 and ended on 1.12.... 200 euro's for about £178.

TC too gave me a rate of 1.12 to the £. That was higher than my usual Intercash branch which traditionally boasts the best rate for paying cash and collecting.

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