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Sunny for the southwest and south. Elsewhere a mix of sun and cloud. Still a cool wind. :cheers
A cloudy morning with showers around, but clearing to sunny periods in the afternoon. Still cool but the return of some hot weather next week. :tup
Another rather cool mix of some cloud and plenty of sun. :sun2
Clear skies today, still with the cool wind. Heating up this week though. :cheers
Some high cloud but mostly sunny and temperatures on the climb to 27/28C. :sun2 :sun2
Some high cloud making the sun hazy at times. A bit cooler than of late. :cheers
More hot and sunny weather. Cloudier and cooler next week though as Trade Winds with a longer sea track set in. :(
The weather on the change with fresh Trade Winds bringing much cooler weather than of late. High cloud making the sun hazy at times. 24/25C. :think
A lot of cloud around but sunny spells too, best in the southwest. A cool wind, 23/24C. :cheers
A cloudy morning with some light showers, but brightening up in the afternoon with sunny spells later. Cool. :(
Hi Bawbee, thanks for the updates. We are due out there next week, what do you think of the prospects weather wise. All the sites I am looking at seems to tell me there is alot of cloud around and showers. What is the norm for the Island, should I be worried?
A cloudy start with showers but clearing away to blue skies with a cool wind. :)
A similar day with morning cloud and a few showers giving way to sunshine. 24C. :wave:
Some cloud inland but plenty of sun for the resorts. 23/24C. :sun2

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