This article is intended to educate our esteemed readers on how to travel from Ingolstadt to Budapest. As you read along, we’ll provide useful travel recommendations that will enable you to journey between these two European cities cheaper and faster.

The distance between Ingolstadt and Budapest is about 725 km, and the popular means of transportation are planes, cars, buses, shuttles or trains. According to our findings, train travel is one of the best ways to travel between these two cities.

Traveling by train between Ingolstadt and Budapest offers an amazing experience, as both cities have beautiful landmarks good for sightseeing. It is the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to travel between the two cities.

Trains usually depart from Ingolstadt at the Ingolstadt Central Station and arrive at Budapest Keleti Palyaudvar station in the northern Hungarian city. The standard travel time between the two cities is 8h 14 min.

The Ingolstadt Central station is a railway and metro station. It is one of the three principal railway stations in Germany. The station is easily accessible from every part of the city.

There are essential cab services for passengers with mobility problems. The train station has good public transport links. Some trams and buses convey passengers to their different destinations around the city.

The Budapest Keleti Palyaudvar station is the largest in Budapest. It was constructed in eclectic style between 1881 and 1884 and is located two miles from the city center. Available at the train station are a variety of bars, retail outlets, restaurants, and other essential amenities. The station is one of the main railway stations in Hungary.

The Ingolstadt to Budapest train services are operated by Agilis, Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express, Deutsche Bahn Intercity and others. About 15 trains depart from Ingolstadt to Budapest every day.

The first train of the day usually leaves around 0620h in the morning and the last one departs at 2136h during weekdays. But on weekends and holidays, the schedules often vary, you’ll need to check in advance before booking a ticket.

Ingolstadt to Budapest train tickets cost a minimum price of €39.80, and at a high fare of €63.62 if you’re buying on the departure day. You could get the ticket at a cheaper rate if you make your bookings ahead of time. Once you’re sure of the date you want to travel, it is advisable to book your train tickets early.

To make your bookings, the following are some of the best ticketing websites to get Ingolstadt to Budapest tickets:


Some travel tips to get cheap Ingolstadt to Budapest train tickets

Most European train tickets usually open for booking around three to six months in advance. But if the bookings are not yet available for your preferred dates, you can set a booking alert to receive notification on the day the cheapest Ingolstadt to Budapest train tickets are released.

Also, you need to be flexible with your travel plans and avoid peak hours. Many of the operators of train services increase ticket prices during peak hours. You should consider traveling outside the peak hours to find cheaper train tickets.