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Good grief Sanji, you've really been busy. There's some lovely clothes there, grandbaby is one lucky baby.
Thanks Judith, I've really enjoyed knitting them and later I'll be able to knit in either pink, blue or a delicate mauve etc.
I took the photos on my tablet and didn't realise until later that the camera settings were all messed up, but I think you can see that white is white, lemon is lemon and the mint green can be seen in the hats photo.

I can see me knitting alot more in larger sizes 😁
It's kept me busy, off the Internet and out of any Brexit's surprising how good it feels. 😁

Sanji x
They're lovely Sanji & many congratulations on your first grandchild you must be over the moon 👍💐
Ole, they're having a girl.
They found out half by accident when at the scan in March the doctor was pointing out the baby's organs and referring to "his" spleen, his liver etc.
Son said "his"? we didn't want to know ... So the doctor said it was his default terminology, rather than saying its spleen, its liver etc.

They came away unconvinced that it was the doctors default terminology, then at the last scan 2 weeks ago, my son saw something that he shouldn't have ( not sure what), but it said female and they couldn't cope with the suspense any longer and decided to ask.
Now I'm knitting different sizes for a little girl. ❤

Sanji x
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They are lovely Sanji, love in every stitch ❤️
It's not showing up well on the photos, the white has a silver/ pinky sparkle fleck in the wool..... And the cardigan with pink heart buttons is cream.

Sanji x
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Lovely news and you just can’t beat hand knitted baby clothes. These are really cute. X
Thanks Wendy.
I like to see babies in hand knitted clothes too. Imo: These days they get dressed too quickly in clothes suited for a toddler.
I've not been on the Internet, I've been in hospital and once out of bed and 'on the mend' Dave brought my knitting to the hospital...... I've knitted these cardigans to pass the hours away.
They need a waft of steam over them to finish off and even out the stitches.

It's going to cost me a fortune to post all these clothes I've knitted to HK. :grin

Sanji x
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Lovely Shirley. Hope you are much better now xxx
Made this yesterday....I had a spare ball of peach coloured wool.

Sanji x
  • Edited by Sanji 2019-04-26 13:02:42
These are very cute :) I want to take up knitting soon and these posts have only motivated me more, so thank you!
Son & wife went for a scan on Wednesday and we were all left worried sick.
There were 4 things that the person doing the scan was concerned about. 1, Mother's blood pressure rising, 2, gaps in the amniotic fluid, 3, baby not getting enough nutrients and 4, possibly causing a strain on baby's heart.

This is an IVF baby and they'd got to 37 weeks on the second attempt.
They were told to come back on Thursday for a specialised scan, whereby the consultant decided that the baby needed to be out, via cesarean.

So, here she is, our first grandchild, Elizabeth Noa, born 14th June in Hong Kong, weighing 5lbs- 11 ounces.

I don't think I've been so relieved and happy in all my life and I've got to wait until October to meet her.

Sanji x
  • Edited by Sanji 2019-06-16 08:22:04
Congratulations to you all Sanji & a massive welcome to Elizabeth Noa who is scrumptiously gorgeous.

👌 💖💖💖
Great news Sanji. She's lovely. Congratulations to you all.
So pleased that all turned out well and that you now have such a lovely granddaughter. I hope we can expect to see some pics of her wearing your lovely garments sometime soon?

Just a word of warning though - it starts off with little cardigans/matinee coats etc and then it moves on to links to photos of stuff they've seen in Topshop, Primark, H&M or wherever and big hints that they would love something like this etc! In my case this means that 30 years on, I'm still knitting for my nieces and until very recently my 91 yr old Mum was crocheting throws for them. So take it from me - you're now on treadmill that you might never step off! :-)
Thanks SMa.
I hope we get to see her wearing the white bobble jacket, although the photo doesn't do it justice (wrong camera angle). I didn't save many patterns amongst my knitting stuff in the loft, but that pattern is now classed as a vintage pattern and I made several in different colours for the baby's daddy nearly 40 years ago.

The white blanket that I made earlier in the year, the wool was supposed to be DK, but it came out more 4 ply weight, they said yesterday that they are going to use it for the christening.
I've been quite disappointed in some of the wool that I've bought, it's not been cheap wool and it's been well known brands that indicate on the label that the wool has been produced in the UK in the mill regions of West Yorkshire. However on close inspection of the label, most of it is made in Turkey under license.

I haven't done any more knitting, unfortunately I've been in hospital twice and I've had the decorator in doing several rooms....However, I've got plans to make this jacket which I can take over in October (hopefully if I keep well enough to make it there) I think this is so cute for the Christmas period.

I got everything parcelled up and posted before I was in hospital and I'm quite impressed with Royal Mail.
I took it to my local PO around Tuesday dinner-time, it went to the Sheffield depot and was at Heathrow by Wednesday morning, it left the UK on Wednesday night and after going through HK customs it was delivered on Monday …less than a week !
I paid for it to be tracked and signed for, and the price was £19 …I was getting quotes on-line around £40 with courier companies and Parcel a big thumbs up for Royal Mail.

It doesn't get really cold in HK, nothing like the UK temperatures, it's the aircon that can be fierce in establishments, so, ATM I think she has enough cardigans until she gets a bit more weight on her …then I've several patterns that I've got plans to knit you say, I've got the knitting bug again. :-D
Sanji x
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Congratulations. The Christmas cardigan is gorgeous. I hope that you are able to make it for her.
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