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Now best and favourite are different for me :)

I am a buffet for breakfast gal, and a very occasional buffet for dinner gal.

There is nothing better than the breakfast buffet at the Golden Nugget for breakfast, get in early, and it's quiet, the food is excellent and the range is fantastic. Eggs Benedict, some biscuits and gravy, and then fresh fruit, and then some croissants - yummy!

Best for dinner is probably Bellagio, great range, and even better if you can get a line pass<g>.

Lesley, the salad selection at the Nugget is fantastic, you should try it one evening. It does have more salad items than I have seen in a lot of places and the range is great.

We don't go to buffets anymore, always put on too much weight when we used to go to them. Plus we always seemed to rush through our food and be out too quickly to have properly enjoyed the meal.
We now always go for a full service restaurant where we can take our time and get good quality food.
We only really discovered the buffets on our third visit. We knew they were there, but saw the queue one time and never bothered again. However we tried the Aladdin buffet on our third trip, plus the Orleans and Gold Coast. Fourth trip we did all those again, plus Bally's and Hilton and Mirage. I quite like them. I like to taste little bits of lots of things. However I guess I eat too much. In Vegas last year I never put on any weight, but we walked for absolutely miles!
Aladdin and Bellagio both very nice. I also like the G.Nugget.
But then again there's the Cheesecake Factory....mmmmmmmm
We stayed at the Alladin and had breakfast there 3 times (including the Sunday Champagne Brunch). It was excellent. We also had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory - cheesecakes to die for. A choice of 41 different flavours.
We enjoyed the Aladdin, but thought the best value was Harrahs - $11.99 for lunch, but there are money off coupons (I am sure they were 2 for 1) so it made it mega-cheap and the food was pretty good too.

We are determined to go to the Paris buffet when we go in September, it has really good reviews on most sites and about the same price as the Aladdin.

Not a buffet, but Kahulaville in TI (just outside the Mystere theatre) was really good value for lunch with the 2 for $15 coupons they were handing out outside the TI entrance - they have a special menu in the main menu and we were expecting just the basics but got huge portions, it was delicious and the atmosphere is really good too.
Might try Harrah's then. We're not really into the type of food you get in Kahunaville/Margaritaville/Salsa Cantina, that kind of place.

Will be looking for different stuff near TI though. I think we'll even try New Frontier buffet etc, for a basic brekkie or lunch.
We had buffets at Paris, Bally's, Harrah's, Rio's, Palms and Main Street Station. We were disappointed with MSS, but the rest were all fine.

Harrah's is excellent value for money with the $5 off coupon and they do a Late Night Buffet from 10pm for $9.99. That one doesn't have prime rib or seafood, but we found plenty to eat that we liked.

Paris's breakfast buffet was lovely with lots of variety of very fresh food. Rio's Carnival World Buffet had a huge choice with 16 live serving stations including sushi, Mexican and Chinese food and wonderful desserts.

luci :wave
We went to the Luxors buffet for dinner, they did everything! Steaks, chinese, pizza great value for money.
I like the GC and Orleans ones because of the variety. They have different stations for Italian, Chinese, American etc.....and Mongolian whatever type of food that is. I think they had cauliflower cheese at that one!

Bit surprised about MSS I thought it would be good. The station casinos usually get good press. I guess MSS is the only one that is in a 'central' area, others are all dotted about. Maybe the dotted about ones are better.
Gotta say that the Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Alladdin was the best by far...
It may have been the champagne that did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've still not got round to trying a champagne brunch. Must try it this time. What's the 'champagne' actually like? Is it drinkable? A few buffets do wine with dinner (hilton, and riviera I think). I think the coast buffets do wine for $5, well they did last year!

I'm off to Lanzarote on thursday for a week, but when I get back it will be some serious planning!

Going to start setting up my itinerary. Usually do it roughtly but don't always stick to it. Need to work out which nights are seafood etc at buffets so I can avoid them (being vegetarian).
The champagne was perfectly drinkable,we were over for my big 50 and I told he drinks waitress and she just kept filling my glass saying one more for the birthday boy every time she walked past.
It was great !!!!!!!!!!
My choices are Gold Cast and Paris. I have been to both several times and have yet to get a bad meal. I think that Gold Coast is better that Orleans although the setup is much the same, just my preference I suppose.

The Paris buffet is very nice indeed, but often had a long line. If you are in their slot club, then if you present it when paying you get (?) 10% off.
I actually didn't know Caesars had one. We often go in there to Forum shops, and also last year we liked Spanish Steps which had just opened.
Caesars used to have the Palatium Buffet which was very nice, but was closed when the current renovations were started, along with Caesars Magical Empire.

I think the buffet is now in Cafe Lago and is just one of the choices. Haven't been to that one though.

Link to Cafe Lago
The buffet at the Mandalay Bay is great, great seafood, roasts, pizza, salads, and lots more besides. Stuff your face for $20 in the evening, superb value. Stick with the free soft drinks though, as the wine list is dear, $40 for a mediocre bottle of white wine, I don't think so! :D
When I was in Vegas a coupleof years ago they had just started the renovations at Caesars Palace. So now they're finished? The buffet was good though.

I need to go back! :(
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