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You can try sleeping pills, but I prefer to use natural remedies in treatment. I often have insomnia due to stress, so I found a good herbal remedy that helps me relax and get a healthy sleep. In addition, unlike sleeping pills, it doesn't cause addiction and doesn't have so many side effects. I found the best cbd oil and I use this via vape. It really helps to fall asleep faster and not wake up at night. I know that there are many reviews on the Internet about different cbd products, but it seems to me that cbd oil can be used in several ways. For example, you can add this to your food or drink. Due to the fact that you can choose different tastes and aromas, you will not feel the herbal taste.
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Insomnia is first of all a very underrated disease I must say. I think people don't even think it as a disease because of mental health taboo of our society. We have to accept the fact first that mental diseases also exist just like physical diseases of other body parts. Now, coming to insomnia, I don't discourage a psychiatrist treatment but I have another advice for people. They should try to consult a spiritual life coach. Now what is a life coach? Basically for the past few years life coaching trended very rapidly. A life coach deals with your daily habits of your life and as a whole of your life not only mentally, try to teach you that how can you overcome your stress, depression and mental problems just by changing the lifestyle of your a little bit. Now, why I am preferring a life coach is because they don't prescribe medicines, they help you grow spiritually, physically and emotionally along with building a strong mindset of yours to take some bold decisions in your life that can truly change your life with the sense of empathy and self esteem. If you have comfort in your life, you can easily beat all your problems and most importantly you can beat insomnia. It is just my neutral opinion and you can disagree with it.
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