About Holiday Truths
Welcome to holidaytruths.co.uk!
Holidaytruths.co.uk has been in existence since 2000, and is proud to be the largest totally independent UK based travel community.

About Holiday Truths

Did you know that Holiday Truths has been in existence since early 2000, and is proud to be the largest totally independent UK based travel community?

Over the last year Holiday Truths has undergone some big and exciting changes, it has been bought into the 21st century with a new look as well as some brand new user functions and concepts that are totally unique to us.

Holiday Truths was originally founded to address the lack of travel community's websites available back in 2000. The website quickly grew into the largest online travel community this side of the Atlantic. Now in its 13th year, holidaytruths.co.uk has just one aim, to return to the top spot as the largest independent travel community in the UK.

So if you're looking for reviews on where you're going on holiday, or want to let people know about the places you have been yourself, come and get involved.

The Holidaytruths.co.uk Team
Chris Brown Chris Brown
Managing Director
I am no stranger to review websites, I originally founded holidaywatchdog.com back in 2003. After Holiday Watchdog was acquired by Tripadvisor, I went on to cofound a very successful Online Travel Agency.

Phil Brown Phil Brown
Technical Director
Whilst travel is mostly foreign to me, I'm a top notch web geek and have the technical knowledge to put Holiday Truths back on top.

I started building websites over 10 years ago, and have never looked back.

Lisa Phillips Lisa Phillips
Content Manager
I have been working in travel since 2007, when I joined review site Holiday watchdog, working in their content team. I then went travelling round Australia and New Zealand for 6 months, and then I worked at a travel agent, as the assistant manager of the admin team.