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Bus from Benidorm to Altea/Albir

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PostPosted: Jul 6th, '08, 07:29 
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Myself, wife and 3 children (7, 3 & 2) are in Benidorm for a fortnight from the 16th July. We plan on doing all the usual things such as waterparks, Terra Mitica etc.

However I was also looking at the neighboroughing towns of Altea and Albir for a visit. I picked up the local bus website from on here (thanks for that) but am wondering if I am not reading it correctly?

From my understanding, its a bus number 20 which runs from the centre and Rincon (we are staying at Gemelos 22 so I take it Rincon is the better/closest stop for us?). It seems to take about 15 mins to Albir and a further 10 mins to Altea. However, from what I can see on the timetable, it only runs once a day, at 9.15am, and once back, at 13.05 from Altea. Is that correct? I would have thought with them being so close there would be more than 1 bus a day.

Our plans were possibly to go early evening, go for stroll and then get something to eat but if the buses don't it sort of puts a spoke in those plans.

Could anyone tell me how much it would cost roughly in a taxi to either town? And any highlights or walks that are worth doing in each town? Also dining wise is there plenty of choice for a light evening meal? Ohh, and for my wife, are the shops good!

Also, if buses are more frequent can anyone advise of frequency and when they stop running. And also costs for adults and children aged 7, 3 and 2?

Thanks in advance for any answers and also any general advice on Altea and Albir would be greatly appreciated.

PostPosted: Jul 6th, '08, 09:07 
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Welcome to the forums miccro.

With regard to buses, you are correct about the number 20 being a very limited service. However, it is not the best service for Altea and Albir, you should be looking at the number 10 which runs at 15 minute intervals through the day and at 20 minute intervals through the evening, up until around 11pm.

There are bus stops on the main road close to Gemelos 22. However, despite the frequency of the service, buses from the Old Town end of the resort can often be full by the time the reach that point, especially just after hotel meal times and on market days when tourists are on the move in greater numbers. But avoiding peak times, you should have no problem boarding the bus close to your apartments.

I believe the adult fare is €1.20 single.

I will leave others to tell you about evening highlights and places to see in each town.

David :wave

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PostPosted: Jul 6th, '08, 10:42 
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We have just returned from a 2 week stay at the Gemelos 22. We went to Altea for the day. We got the number 10 bus at the stop just up the road from the Roundtown office which is on the opposite side of the road to the Gemelos 22.

Have a great time.


PostPosted: Jul 6th, '08, 15:26 
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I stayed in Albir a few years ago,I had a lovely time. I can`t recomend anywhere to eat, except the Tapas bar on the main street, opposite the Chinese.the tapas here were very good. I found other meals we had else where were all ok but nothing out standing.
I would get off the bus along the main street and walk along looking in the shops and then end up at the sea front.
Albir has a very nice promanade for an evening stroll with quite a few places to eat and have a drink. At the beginig of the promanade are street stalls. If you fancy a longer walk you can walk into nearby Altea, it would take you around 20 mins.

I have been to Altea several times but only during the day.Altea also has a nice promanade and shops.

PostPosted: Jul 7th, '08, 11:40 
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Thanks very much for all the replies and the information on the buses, much appreciated. :-D

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