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siam park, loro park and aqualand

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PostPosted: Jul 9th, '09, 07:49 
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I just wanted to add this post as a seperate one to the Siam Park thread because I tried to find info on the following on this site and couldn`t. Therefore I wasted a huge amount of money

Siam Park is without a doubt the most breath taking waterpark I have ever been on, it truly is amazing.
We went early June and I paid for a `two for one` parks offer off the official website.
The other park they own is Loro Park which was a good day out but its absolutely MILES away from Las Americas. If you look at a map of the island you have to go all the way up the coast line to Santa Cruz and then all the way across then go back down. It took us getting on for 2 hours and although it was a good show, it wasn`t worth the journey. We came back the other way through Los Gigantes, over the mountain tops and it took even longer.

Anyway, the main point of my post is that on the last day we decided to go to Aqualand and we paid only a few euros less than Siam Park.
It was beyond diabolical, half the rides were closed and they wouldn`t let our 7 year old on most of the rides that were open as he was 2cm under the minimum height. The rides that were open were really poor and the whole place just looks REALLY dated. A complete waste of money and the final insult was they charged us to use 2 sunbeds (7 euros per bed i think?) At Siam Park there was no charge for sunbeds and they didn`t get silly about the minimum height rules.

In a nutshell, don`t touch Aqualand with a barge pole, its a dump. There was an english guy working on one of the rides, I said to him that it was the biggest sh**hole I`d ever been to and he shrugged his shoulders with a grin and said `i know`.
Nuff said. Hope this saves someone some cash.

PS If you want to do the 2 for 1 parks offer you can buy a ticket on the door at each of the venues, you wont save money by doing it in advance although you will be able to dodge the queue

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PostPosted: Jul 9th, '09, 09:18 
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We loved Siam park also - it is by far the best waterpark we have been to and we are looking forward to going again on our next holiday to Tenerife in 3 weeks!


PostPosted: Jul 11th, '09, 03:46 
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bwfc - Thanks for the pointer mate, mush appreciated now we will defo dodge Aqualand

PostPosted: Jul 11th, '09, 12:31 
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sorry you had a bad time, but there is info on here reguards both aquland and loro park, i myself put a post up reguards getting over to loro park not so long ago, yes i agree the aqualand is in need of a good re vamp. but on the travel issue to loro park ive done it in around 45 minutes from pdla via the motorway.

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