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I have booked my hols to Cyprus next year. The only flights available are good times but with Strategic Airlines, I have read more bad reviews than good. I am hoping people who will be flying Strategic via Olympic this year can report back? Also did you check in at Gatwick with Strategic desk or Olympic.

fingers crossed all ok

Olympic are the booking gent, you're flying with Strategic so you'll ned to check-in at their desk.

We've just booked with Olympic to Symi via Rhodes for next May (again). We will be flying with Strategic and hope that they are as good as they were at Easter this year. The flight times from LGW are excellent and should give us time for a Mythos and excellent bacon sandwich in the Indigo in Rhodes New Market before catching the ferry across to my beloved Symi.
I am flying with this airline on Monday 5th September 2011 to Corfu and am hoping that your expert can answer the following question for me. We are booked on flight STU2136 leaving Gatwick at 23.10. But where is this aircraft arriving from? I know they only have 2 or 3 aircraft operating and have been rushing round like headless chickens all summer, so is it flying into Gatwick from another UK airport?
Many thanks

The aircraft also comes in from Curfu (STU2134/5) to operate LGW-CFU (STU2136). It operates the same flight back-to-back.

am flying to larnaca 1.10.11 09.10 LGW flight no STU 2630 please can you tell me what aircraft we will be on?
Hi iloveholidays1703,

Strategic only operate A320-200 from the UK airports, here is a picture from that shows the type of aircraft you will be on:

Have a good holiday
Mark :cheers
Does anyone know if Olympic Holidays are using Strategic for Summer 2012?
Air Australia (formerly Strategic Airlines) has collapsed. There is nothing in the media at the moment to suggest any direct connection or involvement with the UK holiday market:

David :wave
As far as I know Strategic Airlines UK are a separate company and are trading normally.
I have read conflicting info on that, Sunaddict.

But googling Strategic Airlines UK leads to the URL, which in turn automatically redirects to and its 'in administration' message. Do you know of another URL for the UK company ?

David :wave
I've just done a little digging and they are seperate companies and shareholdings. Air Strategic (Air Australia), that are now in administration are run under a seperate Air Operators Certificate and have different sharholdings to Air Strategic UK that are still operating as normal. Flights are operating out of Manchester anyway!

I haven't actually looked for a URL but it is known that they trade separately. The TTG is also reporting similar
"Speaking to TTG this morning, Strategic Airlines' commercial director Neil Huston said the Australian company's administration had "no impact" on European operations.

"We are separate companies with a shareholder link but we are not impacted by their administration," he said.

"It's business as usual and we are currently operating a number of ad hoc charters around Europe," he added."

A Strategic A320 also departed from Manchester yesterday evening
And WHO exactly are Strategic Air UK?

The European arm of Strategic operates on an Air Operators Certificate registered in Luxembourg. Previous to this they operated on a French AOC....
Just to calm nerves a bit, the European operation and Air Australia were seperate companies owned by the third company Strategic Aviation Group Pty., also Australian. This company seems to keep it's head down and even the company data sites that I've found it on don't have a URL for it. This fire walling of subsidiaries is quite common and means if one goes wrong the holding company can cut it loose and not have the rest dragged down (my previous employer didn't do that so when one division suddenly lost a huge amount of money it virtually wiped out the whole group - which is why I don't work for them anymore!!). So as long as the European outfit is financially sound there shouldn't be a problem. The UK website is actually hosted on the Air Australia server so that may be why you are getting the message.

And if Olympic have chartered Strategic for package holidays and they do close it shouldn't affect the holidays, Olympic will just find someone else to do the job. Your only concern should be this happening just as you are about to fly as it may takes a few days to organise a replacement.
Like you we are flying Strategic Airways in June but from Birmingham International to Rhodes. I too have read all the bad reviews and telephoned the holiday company, who reassurred me that Strategic had been chartered successfully by Olympic for many years. So if you hear anything, especially about delays on departure, please 'post' me and tell me the worst or best.
boded :think
Has anybody flown by Strategic Airways from Birmingham International Airport to Rhodes? If so, were there any problems experienced especially concerning flight delays.
boded :)

You'll find airline reviews on Airline Quality.

Take a thick book to read at the airport.
And another one when coming back.

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