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07458 Playa de Muro, Mallorca, Spain

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10 years 3 months ago

Travel operator: First Choice

11 years 4 months ago
Stopped at Los Principe for two weeks and to say the place was spotless is an understatement.

The choice of food was very wide with sometimes three types of fish available at dinner. Located on the beach it was an ideal spot the staff are the smartest and most efficient we have ever met the entertainment was mostly German and not to our taste.

Travel operator: first choice

11 years 5 months ago
Just got back from this hotel 30th May 2006.

I was disappointed that not once did we get a proper English breakfast it was catered more for the Germans who were very arrogant and looked down on you god knows why they seemed to think they was better than you and they never believed in queueing for anything they just push in. Not once did I have a English sausage it was really horrid for breakfast and def more catered for the Germans.

Also which was disappointing was the entertainment which was finished for 10.30 and you could hear the entertainment still going on at midnight at the other hotels.

We normally stay in the Continental Park across road which really does show this hotel up. The cleanliness of the hotel is spotless I have no fault with that side but if you have kids avoid this hotel.

The location of this hotel is right on the beach which is also a plus, as its right on the beach.

The morning we were leaving we was given a early buffet breakfast of stale bread and cold coffee and a few cooked meats which I didn't like look of again catered for Germans.

So overall I wouldn't recommend this hotel unless you like to be ignored and looked down at and like to eat horrible looking food for breakfast

Travel operator: first choice

Mr Reed
11 years 5 months ago
Really disappointed for a minute I thought I was in Germany and not Spain. The hotel was overrun with Germans who were very rude and didn't once smile or talk to you, they seem to think they can push in and don't believe in queueing up for anything. I couldn't believe one morning we had put towels down on our beds, when we returned to them they had put there beds in front of ours as if we weren't there I was in total shock as I couldn't believe this they are so so rude.

As this hotel is advertised in English brochures it should cater more for the English not once did we have a full English breakfast. The only thing I could eat was sloppy scrambled eggs for the entire holiday. The bacon was like streaky fat the sausages were something I had never seen, not gonna say what they looked like.

The hotels good point is that it was spotless and the cleaners was on the go constantly, also the food in the evening was very good with lots of choice its just that you never felt comfortable in the restaurant with all the Germans staring at you all the time as if you were some monster.

The entertainment was over by 10.30 where as the other hotels the entertainment was going on till midnight. There is a great British pub just a few yards round the corner called the Swan if you want a good night.

The location of this hotel is fantastic as its right on the beach, all I can say is if you have children and don't want to be surrounded by arrogant Germans then stay somewhere else.

Travel operator: first choice

14 years 2 months ago
Stayed here from 29th July to %th August. Although the hotel was very good, we would not go back there or recommend it. The staff and facilities were great, and the facilities for children were very good, but the area is absolutely awful. At night there was a really bad smell (sulphorous- bad eggs) outside which lasted until about 8 or 9 am. Every shop sold the same tat, and the road around the bay is completely built up with amusement arcades, shops, burger joints etc. Because there is no promenade, there is nowhere else to walk at night except along the road. There is a nice nature reserve, but WHY have they built a huge power station there?!
The food at the hotel was acceptable, typical Sapnish buffet food, but you have to eat quite early, by 9 o'clock they are clearing the food away! Unless you were up early there was no chance of a sunbed around the pool- luckily plenty on the beach a few steps away. The walls are very thin- we could hear the next door conversation. Beautiful beach, nice hotel, shame about the location.

Travel operator: Unknown

15 years 4 months ago
We had stayed in this hotel from 16th till 23rd of June. We had been in the apartments part of the hotel and it was amazing, because we had got one of two best location, it means we had an apartment close to the beach with terrace. The cleaning service in the apartment part could be much better, but we can honestly recommend this hotel for friends. The kitchen was great, the location was great and people also. The advantage was also that there were many families with children, that

Travel operator: TUI

15 years 5 months ago
We have just returned from the hotel Los Principes in Alcudia after a weeks holiday on the 4th May 2002. We were the last drop off on route for the transfer from the airport to the hotels so we had a good opportunity to see most of the other hotels that First Choice were dealing with. Not only ourselves, but other people on the coach all mentioned how run down parts of the north east side of Alcudia really was, and as we were the last to be dropped off our hopes of an excellent hotel in an excellent location were rapidly diminishing !
BUT I am pleased to say that as soon as we pulled up outside the Los Principes we were all amazed at the position of the hotel right on the shore of the sea, if you wanted you could literally throw your towel onto the sun loungers on the beach to guarantee your sun worshipping spot !. This nicely brings me onto the next subject of the Los Principes being a mainly German hotel with over 95% of guests being German. To begin with this was a little off putting having no English people to chat to but as the week went on more and more German people were being really polite to us and chatting to us in ENGLISH ! so we couldn't really fault that side of the hotel.
We were told that the Germans are really finicky when it comes to choosing perfect hotels and we could easily see why this hotel was so busy with German people, the hotel was absolutely spotless, there were always cleaners on the go doing there duties throughout the day. The staff who spoke very good english couldn't do enough for us to make the stay enjoyable.
They had a kids club twice a day and a coco loco disco every night for the children, our daughter could not wait for activities to begin each day which were led by an enthusiastic team of entertainers from Holland.
It's obvious that I can't speak highly enough of this hotel but the only gripe I had was that of the cuisine in the restaurant. Now the selection of food was absolutely astounding both for breakfast and the evening meal but excuse me if I am moaning but alot of the cuisine was catering more for the Germans in the way of the cold meats, most of which I couldn't even identify half of them !!! All the dishes which to me should have been hot were most of the time not even lukewarm. By the by though I will give the hotel a 4 out of 5 for food as the choices was so vast, enough for even the most fussiest eater to find something tasty.
One last comment, make sure that if you are English you don't end up with a dodgy balcony view. We stayed in the hotel on its second week of opening so it was pretty empty with lots of spare rooms. We specified a room with a view when we booked the hotel over 12 months previous, we had a room with a view alright - a view of the air conditioning equipment overlooking the back streets !!! A complaint to the reception was immediately actioned resulting in a room overlooking the pool and sea AND in the sun.
A top hotel which really did make our week a holiday to remember !

Travel operator: First choice

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