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which is the best route from benidorm to valencia,approx how far and how long will it take to get there,cheers kev
Use the motorway (AP-7) It should take about an hour and a half. It's a toll road, but it's so much faster than the other road that it's worth a few euros.
the toll road is a lot quicker than the n332 coast road but the coast road is a lot more scenic
Watch your speed though!

The road is great, fast and flows beautifully. You will be regularly overtaken by cars travelling at great speeds which may tempt you to put your foot down. Don't be tempted, they have the capability to time you between toll booths and impose fines if you've been naughty. :shock:

Not saying this
happen but I wonder if the tourists are targeted more than the locals. :roll:
Current toll price is €10.30 one way from Benidorm.
I am considering going to the Valencia football match on the weekend of 28/29 Apr. Is it possible to get a train from Beni to Valencia and return after the match? :?:
Hi dougiel ... there is no train service between Benidorm and Valencia. For bus timetables, please click here.

David :wave
We plan on heading into valencia for the day during our holiday to benidorm. Our tour operator runs a bus there but we fancy heading there ourselves. Anyone know roughly how much a taxi would be? or is there a local bus that goes there? We will be pricing it all up but knowing us will just opt for the easy route and book it with the tour operator.
Hi bev .. I have merged your enquiry with this previous similar topic. You will be able to find bus timetables and fares via the link in my post just above. I'm not sure of the taxi fare, but I imagine it would be quite expensive.

In addition to tour operator excursions, you will also find several local agencies in Benidorm offering day trips to Valencia. It would be worth comparing their prices against the tour operator, as well as the Alsa bus fare. Excursion tickets may also include admission to some of the main Valencia tourist attractions, such as the cathedral or museums.

David :wave
I think this is one of those times that I would def say, go with your Tour Operator and if its Thomson, then you are restricted to Thursdays, but the price is the same as the bus and you do have a full day and a guide.
The taxi will cost you an arm and a leg .
The bus run regularly from Benidorm's new bus station, the price is between €24.80 and €30.20 each, return and it can take from as little as 1 hour 30 mins to 4 all depends on which bus you catch, certain ones sit in Denia from between 15mins and that's going to be between €50/60 for 2 people (return) on the bus and you have to get/trek to the new bus station before you do anything.


Click on image to enlarge.

You can take the N332 for some miles, its very scenic and if you havent done it definitley worth a trip, but as others have said its much slower than the motorway.
The N332 is slow through Altea and Benissa but after that its ok for a while. The section Calpe to Gata de Gorgos is stunning. and if you like pottery there are some excellent pottery shops just after the gorge. You can join the motorway at Pedregeur or continue on the N332 which runs close to the motorway to Gandia.
At Gandia you can get a train to Valencia, its very cheap - maybe 7 euros and takes about an hour. I think its a half hourly service.
This takes you right into Valencia centre where you can get the metro or bus.
Thanks, i think we will stick to the tour operator, simply as its easy and all planned for you! Just hope its not too long a bus journey!
When we were there in Feb they had started to do Free blanket trips to Valencia.

The Thompson tour is well worth the money as you get to see the cathedral, market, time to walk around and then we went to the Ladro factory which is just outside Valencia. Some real bargains there. The journey was about hour and a half with stop halfway.
Hi can anyone advise the cheapest way to get from Benidorm to Valencia please? Only one way
Hi can anyone advise the cheapest way to get from Benidorm to Valencia please? Only one way

The bus from Benidorm bus station...less than €14. (one way)
You can book a trip with the green tour they only go of a thursday but it is free why not use them you don't have to come back with them.

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