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I had an e-mail today announcing the launch of a new route from Bristol-

First Choice launch their new service to Luxor this week. Fly direct from Bristol and escape the winter blues for the Egyptian sunshine.
See their website here
I have just booked a weeks parking and a nights accommodation at the George and Dragon, at a total cost of £70. Bargain I thought, as all the other places were coming out at the £120 mark. I phoned but nobody answered, so I begun e-mailing them. The next thing she was ringing me back, which I thought really good service. They also provide 24/7 shuttle to the airport.
Have stayed there Marlou - a lovely little pub, with rooms in the courtyard. The only drawback is there's no other pubs or restaurants in the vicinity, but the meals in the place it self were beautiful when we were there around 2 years ago.
Helen, I recommended it to marlou and said it was a nice little place. Even better in the summer when you can sit outside in the courtyard with a glass of wine in the sunshine ;)
£15 for the weeks parking and £55 for a double room. I thought a really good price. We won't be arriving back there until midnight so as long as the beds are comfy then we'll be happy :)
I am flying from Bristol this August, I have never been there before. How do you board the plane, is it Air Bridge, Steps and walking or buses? Thanks
We've used both the airbridge and walking and steps there. Definitely never used a bus. Hope this helps.
Very helpful thanks, just trying to decide whether or not to book priority for a Ryanair flight. Also, cant believe the price of car parking at Bristol. Flew from LPL last year and it was £37 for 2 weeks, at Bristol its £63.
The parking fees went up considerably a couple of months ago. If you register here you can get a parking discount code plus lots of other offers for spending at the airport e.g. food, drink and duty free. I'm a travel rewards member and it doesn't cost you anything to register.
Yes I've registered for travel rewards too. We had a parking discount for Feb half term, 2 free cups of coffee, and in the bar it was buy one large glass of wine get another 1 free - we printed 2 vouchers off for that - so got 2 free glasses. Well worth joining up :tup
Just dropped family off at Bristol this morning and discovered that they now charge for the drop off car park - officially "Express Drop off and Pickup". Now £1 for the first 20minutes, it used to be free. There is a "Drop off 2" car park that is still free for 10mins, but described as 500m from terminal and it is also up hill quite a lot!
£4 if you exceed the 10 mins.

I also noted that there are few (if any) signs to this free car park which is right at the far end of the access road (carry on past the Express drop off and turn right)
Seems to be following the money grabbing techniques of other airports.
Bristol Airport will have a new service to Zurich with Helvetic Airways . Flights will commence on 5th December 2011 with three flights a week.

This could be quite interesting as the airline also fly's from Cardiff.

Further to the flight announcement to Zurich - it transpires that the Helvetic Fokker 100 flight is actually as additional sector to the existing Cardiff-Zurich flight....

Arrival @ 0830 into BRS from ZRH
Arrival @ 0925 into CWL
Depart @ 1000 from CWL
Depart @ 1055 from BRS to ZRH

well spotted Nivsy, the BBC have only just caught up! Anyway, the official story is

my view is they are testing the market and this time next year one city will lose! The extra fuel used will cost more than the few extra tickets they sell. I don't understand why the Cardiff flight (and presumably Bristol) have never been a codeshare with Swiss International, that would give them some valuable direct connection traffic. Helvetic operate some routes on behalf of Swiss so do have a relationship.
I've been having a look at the executive lounge at Brsitol airport in preparation for our summer holiday. It says there are complimentary drinks ie. coffee, beer & spirits. It also says complimentary snacks, but doesn't give any examples. Are we talking crisps and nuts here or something more substantial?
I had an e-mail from Bristol airport today, informing me of improvements they're making for the summer season.

We're improving the airport experience
Work is underway to improve the airport experience for our passengers. We're increasing capacity at security and enhancing the ambience, comfort and range of food and drink available in the Departure Lounge.

Dexters and Bar Zero9 are undergoing a makeover, Burger King will have a completely new look and The Seafood Bar will be rebranded as a Wine & Deli Bar.

These enhancements will all be completed ready for the summer season.
Find out more

New in Departures - Nail bar and relaxation zone
Feel relaxed and energized before your flight with a back or foot rub from Massage Or Knot. Therapists will be on hand next to Bar Zero 9, offering a range of treatments and there's no need to book.

From 26th March you can treat your nails to a full makeover in just 30 minutes. Visit The Nailport, located on the upper level of the Departure Lounge.
Find out more
I like travelling from Bristol airport, and these improvements will hopefully encourage more people to fly from there. If things go to plan, the improvements will be in place, before my summer hols. :tup
I also use BRS every now and again. Yes it is predominately a "low cost" airport with EasyJet and Ryanair operating the majority of services.

While the expansion is fairly good -with new gates etc it can still be rather unorganised at boarding gates 1 through to seven where the Q's spill over into the central walking area which means that you can difficuly in getting to your own gate or indeed into/out of a few of the shops that are in that area.

What I wouild like the airport to do is properly path over the long term car park opposite the terminal (more or less). The short term (more expensive car park) is fine but reallyparking in bays that resemble small rocks is not that clever for 2012 for the rest of the long term....and it is not as if they are not earning enough money from long term parking!


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