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Hi. I love the east coast of Majorca; Cala Bona, S'illot, Sa Coma and Porto Cristo (not too keen on Cala Millor). Been looking at some apartments not too far from Cala Bona (Port Verd/Port Vell - are they the same place :think . Any info appreciated.
Port Verd/ Vell just a short walk from the resort, mainly German/ Eastern european visitors mostly self catering or AI. Limited transport, land train a few times a day. Not much there apart from apartments and couple of small on site supermarkets. CBG
Thanks CBG. So it is the same place then? Are there no bars or restaurants :yikes >
Not much there apart from the apartments and the bars and restaurants that belong to them. But is only 15 minutes walk to the main resort, roads not well lit at night. I have map with the apartments listed so if you want to know more info let me know. CBG
If you could send me the map CBG, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
Parga, apaologies, just picked up your PM and noticed CBG has already given you the info that they are indeed one and the same. Some lovely villa's up that way, wouldn't say no to one myself!
No problem Tis. Was just getting a bit confused as to whether it was the same place :) . I am desperate to buy something but hubby doesn't want Majorca :( . I love the east cost; Sa Coma, S'illot, Cala Bona. Not saying we could afford anything as grand as a villa but maybe a 2 bed apartment. Been looking at Porto Cristo as well (the Taylor Woodrow development) . What do you think? Would like your opinion as well CBG. Hubby says he would prefer Greece and as much as I love Greece, hence my user name, I do think Majorca is more accessible, language would be easier to learn, and the possibility of being able to visit throughout the year in Majorca (although the weather wont be great in the Winter), whereas I think you wouldn't get a flight to any of the Greek islands in the Winter.
Majorca hands least you can flush the toilet.and its only 2 hours away.try it for say 2 years.if your not happy then move,plus Majorca is open all year round.well all most depends which resort you fancy
I'd personally go for Majorca - I like Greece don't get me wrong (well Crete at any rate as that's where I've been twice) and love the locals (friendly) but your flights are considerably more expensive and harder to find (depending on your local airport), than low cost flights to Majorca. And as you say getting a flight to Greece during winter is going to be nigh on impossible (I would have thought)!

If we had the finances to be able to do it, I'd move to Majorca tomorrow.........I've got a good website for properties for sale on east coast of Majorca, give me 5 and I'll post a link!


PS - If you get an apartment in Majorca I will be WELL jealous! :)

Lady who runs/owns it is Vicki

They have a gorgeous 3 bed apartment in Cala Bona for €146,000 - I wouldn't say no to that one! ;)
Hiya Tis. Thanks for your replies. I am desperate to buy something but hubby is not having any of it (yet). Been in the pub tonight and thought after a few pints he might be more amiable (not a chance). Will have to keep working on him. The threat of divorce or death might do it :rofl . Gx
http://The threat of divorce or death might do it

A girl fter me own heart ;) Aye, you keep working on him and tell him that we ALL think it's a fantastic idea! Good luck!
Could you try the money approach i.e. you'd rent it out part of the year, so it would help to pay for itself??

Hi there Tis and Lou. Well, went out last night and while we were in the pub, I broached the subject again. Asked if he would consider Porto Cristo? I thought he was a bit more receptive to this suggestion but then again it might have been cos we had consumed a few bevvies :rofl . Not sure what the rental market is like on the east coast? Most people seem to go for the south or north don't they? Personally, I hated Alcudia and whilst Palma Nova and Magaluf are OK, I much prefer the east coast.
Pargaluvva, did you get the map I sent you? I am sure you would be able to rent out in Cala Bona area no problem at all, quality lets a hard to come by. Good Luck CBG
Hi there CBG. Really sorry, only just opened your message with the map on. Thanks for that. Having a few problems with my email addy at the moment. Also, on my HT inbox it says 1 unread message all the time so soz I didn't check for any new messages :) . Cala Bona doesn't look too far from Port Verd/Vell; how long would it take to walk? About 20 minutes? As I said on my earlier post, been looking at Porto Cristo as well. Hubby is the stumbing block. He keeps saying he doesn't like Majorca and would not want to live there :cry . Like I said earlier, the threat of death or divorce might swing it :rofl .
pleased you got the map,yep about 20 minutes walk from Cala Bona. I like Porto Cristo BUT wouldn't want to stay there. Loads of tourists get deposited there from boats and coaches for hours so it can be really busy in the beach harbour/beach area. Saying that when we hired a car there were lovely apartments on the outskirts but no promenade to stroll along so that's why Cala Bona gets my vote. Keep working on the hubby TIS and I are looking forward to coming to stay (only joking!!) CBG
Hey that would be great CBG. We could have a girlie weekend. Me and my friend had a weekend in S'Illot this year, Sa Coma last year. It's something we are planning to do every year. Roll on 2010 :sun2 . Gx
Oh yes, count me in for a stay ;)

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