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What is the currency in Morocco please, and how many to the pound? Thank you
Hello Helen :wave:

The currency in Morocco is the Dirham, you can check the rates with the British pound by using our Currency Cheat Sheat this can also be found via the Holiday Tools tab at the top of the page, it is handy to print out and take with you on holiday.

Thanks Graham - never heard of it -sorted!
Yes the currency is the Dirham, but you cannot get it in the UK - you have to exchange either Sterling or Euros once you get to the Moroccan airport.
we got Moroccan dirham at Gatwick airport.
Oh, I was told that you couldn't get it in the UK! I guess you can at airports, then.
Oh, I was told that you couldn't get it in the UK! I guess you can at airports, then.

That's what we were told too so I was surprised that we could get them at Gatwick.
We picked som up as well, altough there was a limit. I can't remember how much it was though sorry, but at least you'll have some to start off with.
you can get it at the airport, at ATMs or a change agent. Leave it in the country (its the law)
We brought some morrocan currency back with us, we didnt realise we couldnt use it at the airport, until we had gone through to departures, is there anywhere we could change it in this country? any advise please?
Find some one else who wants it and sell it to them

Give it to charity

Stick it in a drawer until you go back
I doubt it Shamus, as has been said earlier it's a closed currency, that's why you're not supposed to bring it out of the country.
I changed a small remaining bit at Travelex at Bristol airport, lousy rate and commission but it has gone.

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