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There was an article in the papers just the other day saying that Sainsbury's were reducing their fuel charges & Asda say that no-one will pay more than 134.7 petrol 141.7 diesel at their pumps:-
It's pretty common for services to be a lot more expensive than the high street, and especially supermarkets. 10p per litre more than the high street is about most I've seen around us, £1.55.99 is a scandle though. Saying that, people must pay it or they'd not get away with charging it. If people went elsewhere, they'd soon bring prices more in to line with others. I can't remember the last time I used a motorway services to fill us, at least 5 years ago simply because they charge too much. I think that was in the works Landrover too so it was on the fuel card! I just fill up before going anywhere so I don't have to use them.

Often wonder how much more they would sell if they were a bit more competitive with a added bonus of more shop sales. Surely they must have large buying power. Allways have it in mind to fill up before I leave home if traveling on a motorway.

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