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Hi All,
Just wondered if anyone else had ever undertaken a DIY trip to say Singapore / Malaysia and Thailand (not backpacking).

So far i have found it signifigantly cheaper to DIY it, coming in at £1800 for 2 people for 2 weeks, 4 star hotels (inc breckfast) inclusive of decent flights. Same sort of thing with Premier Holiday's comes in at £2800!! Kuoni came in at £2900!!

Will be out first time travelling so far, but i am a bit of an organisation freak so dont mind the undertaking!

This said, flight choices are currently Air France, Emeriates and Qatar. Air France has really really bad ratings i terms of losing luggage witch is a shame, the other two are more or less par so comments would be good.

Many thanks for any input in advance.
I've been doing DIY to the Far East for the past ten years. I find that it pays to shop around and maybe mix and match with tour operators as they often get very good accommodation deals to hotels, that you cannot get yourselves through the the hotels direct or via other accommodation providers.

I usually fly direct to the Far East. Had good experiences with Thai,Malaysian Airlines, Singapore and EVA. Often use for accommodation and transfers
You are doing the right thing by checking both TOs and trying DIY, as Sunbear as said. Have you a specific itninery in mind?

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