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How many cigarettes are you allowed to bring back from Sharm?
What is the security like in the airport?
When we went to Turkey they checked everyones bags and were opening them! Is it the same in Egypt?
You can find out what the duty free allowances are for all items at clicking on the Travel tab.

the duty free shop is now open in sharm airport
ciggies spirits perfume all the usual priced in us$ and reasonable all currencies taken but a little chaotic
Can you buy on the way in? Do you know if they have wine...non egyptian of course as we have heard it is dire!
Hi Annie,

Don't discount Egyptian Wine completely. Admittedly, a lot of the all inclusive hotels serve rubbish, but that's the same all over the world.

You can get perfectly drinkable Egyptian wine if you look around, trust me!


Served very very ice cold and you might not know the difference !

And yes you can buy on your way in - and if you miss the airport you can buy the next day ( but no later ) from the duty free shop in town.

Sharm should have imported wines ( but usually a very poor selection ) but Nuweiba does nt.
Come on Alvin,

I don't expect Petrus in Egypt but I do find some of the reds I have had, very drinkable! Not ice-cold though!

Do you plan not to serve any Egyptian wine in your place?


Well I d like to serve a few nice Swiss wines but...

guess I ll be stuck with the local stuff. Ten years ago we were running another small hotel in Nuweiba and were serving Israeli wines ! Had a source bringing them over the border at very low prices !
:P :P :P just got back from egypt stayed at the savoy the egyptian wine tastes abit bleachy, not that i drink bleach but had that aroma to it . duty free no bording cards needed straight cash sterling 10 POUND for ciggs BH,malboro lights,lucky strike, but found the baileys a bit dear 13 quid tesco in the uk were 9 pound :lol: :lol:

off to sharm for honeymoon on 6th feb, really looking forward to it, staying in the holiday inn on naama bay for 2 whole weeks :lol:

£10 for ciggies??? was that 200?

whats the limit on how much drink and ciggies you can buy? and how many ciggs can you take home with you?

thanks in advance

btw, great forum guys

8) 8) delightful yes for 200 b&h ,malboro lights, embasey, superkings , shop around supermarkets are the best i herd they were 70 le but look down the back steets in naama bay you may get this price - 70 le ruffley 7 pound sterling. 8) 8)
Hi all,

Could anyone let me know how much duty free allowance on cig's ?

Less than five weeks to go and the excitement is building!!!
One concern I have though is Sharm airport. Usually I love to shop for duty frees whilst waiting to fly home as this seems to round off the holiday nicely. On reading the reports of the caos at sharm airport I do not think this will be possible so can some one advice me on cheapest place for cigarettes,booze and perfume?
I am fying from Birmingham never know wether to buy in birmingham or on the plane or in resort??
Please help!!

Thanks Marg

we got all our things at the airport at gatwick before we went. its cheaper than buying it on the plane and personally i found it too much hassle at the airport in sharm. medot.xx
Perfume and cosmetics - buy in UK at the airport -choice on aircraft is poor

Alcohol and cigarettes - again at UK airport

You can buy duty free at teh big duty free shop in the centre of Sharm - absolut vodka costs 12 USdollars per litre. Cigarettes are available. Try the Kent 9 or 6 cigarettes, with charcoal filters, from supermarkets.

On departure, you are outside EU, so only 200 cigs and 1 litre of spirits each.

There will be little stoick on your plane on your return flight, they do not restock from Egypt. Hope that helps.

Thanks for that perfume, just one more question are there any english cigs at the shop in sharm eg bensons or are they all foreign as they are to bring back home for a pressie not for me.
Theyy are upstairs in the shop - I buy the local ones anyway, and never got past the vodka....... :rofl
Many thanks looks like I will be visiting this shop.

Thanks Marf

Returned from Sharm this morning :-( very depressing.... I have to say although I dont smoke they had different ciggies at the airport like Kent and L&Ms.... which worked out at £3 for 200 yes £3... he he we got 800 cigarettes a litre of smirnoff vodka and some tabacco at the duty free airport and we got it all for £20! Bargain. There's a decent duty free shop in Naama bay too but you have to purchase within the first two days of arriving to the resort... litre bottles of JD for £8 ... although if you want your name ciggies like L&B and Silk Cut, get them on the plane on the way out. First choice sell them at £22 for 400!

Hope this helps
I like L & ms [blue packet] - did they actually sell them in the shops generally or just in duty free shop or the airport - If I know then I shant buy a fortnights supply on the way over.

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