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Berlin, Riga, Bratislava or Budapest? We're looking to spend 3 or 4 nights somewhere at the begining of December, and these are the places we can get flights to. We want somewhere with places of interest to visit during the day, and a Christmas market with lights, food stalls and hot mulled wine etc to wander around at night. We have previously been to Prague and Krakow at this time of year, both were fab and we'd like more of the same please :)
Tallin sounds good as well vicco if you enjoyed prague and krakow .Have you looked at that .Thats one on my list .
Been to both Riga and Berlin but in a rather cold February on both occassions. I am sure Berlin will be fine for your typical Gluewein scenario in December!!!!!

4 days maybe slightly too long for Riga alone.
Just a thought but Bratislava's airport also serves as Vienna's second and has direct coach links (if you go with SkyEurope they can be booked as a connection). Vienna would meet your spec. although central hotels are more expensive than the Austrian average so you need to trawl Expedia etc. for discounts.

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