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Yes it is the BB that do the chateaubriand, it is normally for two people but they will do a single if pushed, the steak comes sliced with cauliflower cheese, onion rings, mushrooms, mash and chips I might have missed something as it comes on a large oval dish placed in the middle of the table you help yourself from, not been this season but it used to be about 600 Rps or 350 for a single however expect it is 700 plus now as even Lazydays are charging 370 for steak but some are still doing very good steaks for 300 if you shop around, Nicks place in Arpora is one and they have Colman's English mustard
was just so good meeting up with you and o/H Fiona :tup we had a great day out didnt we,local lunch and then sightseeing... hope you enjoyed it as much as i did and that my driving didnt scare you too much :D actually we shared a pretty special moment when we visited a temple that i hadnt been to since Mike expired... very poignant a special place for him and I and i hope for you and o/h now ;)
We felt pretty honoured you took us to such a special place.I won't forget that day. Sitting in Mumbai airport just now and we came close to not getting out of goa. Jet had technical problems. Will get those photos to you asap. Feeling sad it is over now :( Enjoy your next venture x
well- end of first day back at work. It all seems a while ago now.
We stayed at the Kingstork again. I wouldn't stay anywhere else. Lovely hotel and hosts and great position. I'm embarrassed to say that despite all the good intentions we did nothing again. Well not quite- as chilly has said, we had a great lunch and afternoon with Chilly. She took as to Johns, where we all had fish. I had prawns in garlic- yummy. Super little place. Chilly took us out and about in the afternoon. We saw Vagator and Chapora, where she showed us a very special place for her. It was very moving. Thanks Chilly- it will remain in my memory for a very long time. Also- I love your house :D Tony now knows why we have spent so many years "speaking" to each other. And yes- I thought you drove well :rofl
We also had a couple of nights out with other HT members, which were great. You know - HTers are very interesting people with lots of stories :) Thanks all for being so welcoming.
Days were spent on the beach, mainly at Pedro's Place. We did go to a few other places and were never charged for sunbeds. Loads of Indians on our part of the beach and you can never get fed up seeing the delight as they see the sea and watching them going in fully clothed.
This was the first year we have been there since the coastguards were introduced. Interesting to say the least. Foreigners were left to enjoy the sea. Indians were bawled at if they actually managed to get as far as knee high in water. I do know that the guards have saved a few from drowning. However, OH did witness an incident where a group of Indians did not move as quickly as the coastguards wanted and one of them got dragged towards their jeep. He was going to be thrown in till one of the others pleaded with them to release him. He was given quite a punch round the head and then let go. I think they are a bit power mad.
Police were very much in evidence up until the last three days- but were mainly just walking up and down the beach. Then we had 2 clear days with no police and lots of beach sellers :) On our last day, they did make a sudden appearance and made a beeline for a seller close to us. We were waiting for the fun and games but then they took us by surprise but showing interest in what he was selling, chatted and smiled to him and left to continue their stroll.
Will write about the restaurants we tried- probably tomorrow :D
great Fiona ... Oh that did make me laugh about the lifeguards and the poor Indians, but its true :rofl they really do holler at them and get angry,,, but as u say they do have some near misses so i guess its good they arte looking out for them :tup
look forward to your restaurant reviews
Saw my idea of a perfect school outing. 4 teachers sitting in the beach shack having a juice and texting. Teaching assistant goes down to the water with all the kids and they have fun jumping waves. She takes them back and they get lunch. The teachers stir themselves to get their own lunch. Perfect outing
We enjoyed all the restaurants we went to. We particularly liked Taste of India and it was one of two that we revisited. We do go for Indian dishes and tried out a few new ones to us. Food is so cheap that if you choose something and don't like it, you can just pick something else.
Down the Street was also a particularly good one. We often just stopped for a couple of drinks as we liked the music they played. Nirvana continues to be high standard. On our last night we tried Mango Grove and loved their tandoori king prawns. St Anthony Tearooms( After Dark), Fishermans Cove, Bending Bamboos and our own Kingstork also didn't disappoint. I much prefer the naan bread we got to what we have at home- it seems so much lighter. We just didn't have enough nights to get round places we wanted to try. :)
We came close to not getting our flight to Mumbai. It started to taxi and then came to a stop. We spent 2 hours in the plane while they tried to sort things and the luggage was minutes from being offloaded when they finally fixed whatever was wrong. We had a long stopover anyway and took a room at the airport Ibis. We enjoyed our flight in First-particularly the flat bed as it was a 2.30am flight. The jetlag was much less bothersome than it usually is :)
We had such a relaxed holiday and so many people have told me how well I look and I certainly feel the benefit of the holiday. It's just done me good. :sun2
Glad to hear you are looking and, more importantly feeling well Fiona :tup
yes that great Fiona that you are looking and feeling well :tup we like down our street too, a new restaurant opened this year, and I also love taste of India although have to say have not been there for years it used to be one of Mikes favourites... i must go back there next season after reading your comments, and also the menu is just that bit different with some nth India dishes (love their rice pudding too!! ;) )

You are such a foodie, Chilly :tup and always leading me astray :rofl but watch out for that Thai food, it is not as healthy as you would think, read somewhere there is a 1000 calories in a veg pad thai :yikes

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