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Goan sausages
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..and you eat these voluntarily?


Meat is Murder


Interesting site. Let us know what they taste like.
hi trevor... :wave ..18£ for 5 :?: ...how big are they :?: i assume they are huge...........regards ....john-doe........
why would anyone want to eat goan sausages? i assume they're pork sausages? ie come from pigs?
im sure most of you have read the thread about toilets and pigs?
They are about twice the size of an english sausage, same circumference.
Yes, I know they are expensive.

Try them next time you are in Goa! They are really quite good.

The cows intestine tubes hanging outside the butchers at Mapusa market and used for sausage casing was enough to put me off goan sausages and thats from a man who lives in haggis country :wink:
If you read the site you find the following statment about the sausages.

"Our Goa Sausages are made in London; U.K. using prime Pork and most importantly ingredients and spices sourced and cleaned in the U.K. and following the UK food Standards"

so I don't think there should be any worries about the quality of the meat.
I have to say my memories of sausages in Goa was a skinny tasteless offering for breakfast in our hotel
Well, what can I say mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Cooked one simply - one sausage sliced, one onion, one potato, one cup of water for around 30 mins. Added a little pepper and a touch of vinegar.
It was hot, full pork (no packing) and very tasty.

Would I buy them again - yes.
Next time I am going to make sausage rissoto. :D
Hi, we have tried the pork & leek ones at lazydays, a british guy makes them over there, they are nice, paul.
Here is an email I recieved from the maker (sorry if you are reading this Alex).

Thanks for your praise and for sharing it with others. I can see you started something and of interest to many.
I had to laugh reading some of the comments as I'm Goan but never having lived there, but visiting on holidays.
I'll tell you a little true story and try and keep it short as once I get started, its a subject I can go on for hours.
I'm a qualified chef having worked in various restaurants and the Sheraton chain in the middle east.
My Grandmother lived in Goa and As a boy I would visit her on holidays. She used to cook beautiful Goan food and the Sausages were made from their pigs and dried/ smoked over wood burning stoves to preserve the meat to eat during the year when mansoon season arrived.
Pigs and toilets as someone said did put me off and I came across many Goans who have worked abroad and returning to Goa won't touch pork.
Six years ago, on one of my visits to Goa I bumped into an English guy who visits Goa regularly and being in the meat business wanted to start making English sausages in Goa.
Together we went around looking for farm breed pigs instead of the local ones, and did find a few but were put off as there were no enforceable systems to safe guard the public, and here I'm talking of the tourist as locals are used to eating these foods and don't get ill.
Goans are proud of their Goa sausages and will go to any lengths to smuggle them into the country as Meat and fish products are banned from entering the U.K.
I started making Goa sausages 4 years ago, using traditional family recipe but in a commercial environment to a high standard.
Unfortunately when something is done right and to a high standard it costs more.
Many people compare it to English sausages with spice but theses are dried and smoked loosing 40% weight and as you said meaty. They are 95% meat.
I was at Olympia London two weeks ago, where we had a stand showcasing Goan sausages. Its new here and gaining in popularity.
Thanks for popularising our sausages on that site

And they are now on special offer 5 for price of 4 :) I can feel a Goan night coming on :)
I'm amazed at all thse posts with people saying they won't eat the pork on account of the Goan toilets. Goan sausages are lovely! I ate them 26 years ago, home made by the lady we were staying with, from her pigs fed via their toilet! They were gorgeous. Just because the pigs eat it, doesn't mean it's in your dinner. Once they've extracted the goodness, it comes back out. Good, green recycling as far as I'm concerned. Just look at what goes into the sea all over the world, that the fish and other marine life are swimming around in and eating. Does that put any of you off seafood? Wimps!
It wasn't the pig toilets that put me off. It was the big lumps of fat and gristle ! It was in the early days of a fried breakfast in Goa and I'll never forget it. :omg These UK produced ones sound pretty good though.
It was the dried out cows intestines hanging for sale outside a butchers in Mapusa, to be used as sausage skins that put me off :lol:
Tightjock!!!! :yuck Ive just had my sunday breakfast which included sausages!!! :shock: :yikes
Gemma are you sure there isn't another reason you are feeling a little sick this morning....... :pele :rofl :rofl :rofl
Yes too many coffees last night :glynis :rofl
You probably had the same wee bug a fortnight ago BEFORE ME :lol:
But, its been a great week (even for Fiona!!!!! :shock: )
Cmon Scotland today!!!! Oh and next Saturday!!!!!

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