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HT logging out
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All ok for me Michelle. Have you cleared your cookies and history ?

Kath x
Yes kath i have done that, i know my Mac is on its last legs, but what's worse is i wrote a 3 hour essay on las vegas, it wouldnt save as no space, Grrrrr and cos i got logged out, i lost my work. Furious :duh
:tongue again now, deleted a lot of files and found my saved review now on the usa forums, phew all was not in vain x
Not sure if it is related but I cannot stay logged on when using firefox, I can log on but within a few seconds the main screen reverts back to showing me as a guest, tried several times. Have managed to access the site and stay logged on using internet explorer. Has anyone else experienced similar problems. Nels
Think so..... bit of a technophobe I'm afraid, have not experienced any problems until last week, but cannot access my gmail account and the problem with keeping logged on with some sites. Really frustrating. Nels
I've been having probs over the last few days with HT logging me out. I've never had trouble before. It's getting very frustrating. I'm using IE
The only reason it should log out is due to clearing your cookies.

Mark :)
Its doing it again Mark, and i use a MAC so do not have cookies, all history deleted. I was on a few hours ago and it did keep me logged in then ?



when HT (or any other site) logs you out try refreshing the page.


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