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Flight Only / Airline and Airports

This is our firt time flying with a cheap airline

1 do you get tickets sent to you
2 do you get luggage lables?

sorry if i seem a bit thick re this
hi,no tickets no luggage labels. mo
so do i just turn up with my confirmation at the airport then :?:
:D Slap my wrist if this is a daft question!!.... but.. do they give you the luggage labels to fill out when you get there, or would you suggest buying, and writing your own label out? Thanks :oops:

Regards, BBB
hi,yes you just go with your booking reference,we went last year and have booked again for this year,as for luggage labels i bought some from wh smiths (plain ones)and just filled them in in the normal way.dont worry,they are a good firm very well organised. mo.they just dont provide the frills.
thanks for filling me in with labels etc
Beatles fan,
Or just go into a travel agent and ask for some labels!!
I had a problem when I booked some flights back in August. I have flown with Jet2 previously Leeds/Bradford to Belfast and this time it was to Barcelona.
I was being so careful checking everything reading everything and at the end of the booking process it told me to make sure all details were correct. I then clicked back but had to fill in the details again and I then took the process right through to the end and completed the booking. I then received 2 emails and I realised that the booking had gone through on the first occasion as well.
I telephoned them immediately on a very expensive call line. They told me that they could not cancel the booking and after some debate they said I could but would have to pay a £35 admin. fee.
I wrote to them but they insisted that I must either pay the full price for the flights but they would offer the discretionary refund by paying the £35.

I had no alternative other than to pay the fee. I have not been on their web site recently but when I booked some Flybe flights it told you not to touch or click on to anything until the process was complete. Obviously clicking could activate a double booking.

I learned from my mistake and will never do the same again but I think £35 is a high fee to pay for such a simple error. I hope that Jet2 also warn their passengers in a similar way.

Hi I've just got an email from Jet 2, to say they're doing package holidays.
I've had a quick look and the site looks really easy to use. Suits me as not many fly from Leeds/Bradford now. Have they just started, or has it been going a while? Linda x
hi,i got that e mail also,ive been having a look but i wouldnt say they are particularly cheap,probably on a par with mytravel etc, but as you say the good thing is they offer loads of choice from leeds bradford airport. mo.
Hi all, I have just been on website and noticed you can now choose seats for any flight that you have booked, and also check-in online. Well done Jet2.

Mark 8)

Any idea how much the 'small charge' is to prebook the seats online ?

Hi Chris, I think the charge is £2.50 per normal seat or £10.00 for an extra-legroom seat.

Mark 8)
I've just reserved our seats online for a flight to Amsterdam in April and booked 14A (extra legroom) and 14B outbound and also 14B & 14C inbound and didnt get charged anything!!!

Whats all that about?
Some flights do not incur a charge. How do we know which ones they are - I guess thats in the hands of !
If you go to the opening page of the seat selection menu, just below where it asks for the last name & booking Ref. there is a click through to read terms & conditions etc. If you click this there is a list of what flights are free seat booking and also charges for other flights. Hope this helps,
Regards, Brigger
Cheers Brigger....i really ought to read things properly shouldnt i? :lol:
Jet 2 have acquired a further 3 Boeing 757's. Latest additions have come from China Southern Airlines and have been at Southend for a paint job.

we were going to mallorca in august for 2 weeks but just found out i am pregnant would i able to sell them on ebay, as i dont want to go now as it will be to hot as i will be 7 months or so, the tickets are for 5 people and i know that you can change the names but at a charge thanks for any information.

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