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It's definitely a winter destination.Not sure about the summer as it would be a high rainfall. What sort of thing are you looking for from your holiday? Are you looking for peace and quiet or lively? Have you a budget for what you want to spend on hotels? Have you thought of combining Langkawi with somewhere like KL or Penang?
I haven't been to Langkawi myself but we do have members here who have enjoyed their holidays there and I'm sure can help :)
We went a couple of years ago in April and the weather was great stayed at The Andaman it is situated on the edge of the rain forest on a secluded beach (was never more than 10 people on the beach the whole time we were there). It is great if you just want to relax and enjoy the beach/nature (free nature walks every day) but it is a bit of a drive to other parts of the island.
:sun2 Looking for tranqility. Similar to the atmosphere we had when we went to Fiji last year. Not many people about, very relaxed and peaceful. Yes, we were thinking of combining it with Singapore - I value your opinion, both of you. Thanks.
sounds a great combination. Busy Singapore and tranquil Langkawi :) At least I can help with the Singapore bit!
:) So you would recommend Singapore for a few days? What about Hotels and places to visit?
I did a couple of trip reports which hopefully will help. Obviously as I haven't been since 2006 the restaurant reports are maybe not much good as things do change. We are going again in July :)
2004 report
2006 report
I've also brought back an interesting thread of suggestions for what to do in Singapore in 2 and a half days.
Hai there, my name is Nan and I have speed boat & vintage sailboat if you thinking of going out on private charter around Langkawi waters....

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