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Las Vegas
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booked some shows tonight- think I could have booked another holiday with what I paid! We are going to see Ka, All Shook Up, Rat Pack( been before and loved it) and The Divas (Frank Marino). Would have loved to have Cirques Michael Jackson but it just can't be worth $400 for 2 tickets!
I wasn't particularly taken by Vegas however my outstanding memory was of some people from a certain nation (you can probably guess) genuinely believing that they were visiting Paris and Venice.
Seriously? Venice did look good though:)
I didn't think I would like Vegas but this is our third time. Was hoping for a headliner but it's just Celine Dion and I am not a fan. Narrowly missing out on Diana Ross
Away to book Donny and Marie before O H changes his mind. Couldn't believe he agreed to it!
I found groupon for deals. Have some great deals on the Big Bus and a buffet we liked in the past and also a restaurant in Balleys with good reviews.
Wondering whether to try the high roller
When I went I just small Mexican blokes on the boulevard whistling at me throwing cards at me with nice women on.

God knows what that was about.. 😂
That's the official response is it Lance ?:-D
I've only been to Las Vegas once and that was back in 1975, I didn't think much to the place and OH disliked it so much we only stayed one night . My one regret though was not trying to get tickets to see Elvis who was appearing at one of the hotels at the time, , I thought there would be plenty of chances in the future.
I loved the desert and mountain scenery in the area and have visited the western desert states on a few occasions but Las Vegas leaves me cold.
Holiday begins tomorrow! Arrive 7.30pm. Has to be Ellis Island as we are 5 minutes walk from it.
Just decided to do another trip to the Grand Canyon- Wednesday. Quite a busy time.Think we only have Monday with nothing planned.
Grand Canyon looks amazing would love to see it, via helicopter 👍

Have a great time Fiona 👍👍👍
i am afraid you wont get me on a helicopter!
Thanks Glynis
Club Europe flight Aberdeen to Heathrow done and written about on flights forum. We are flying BA First ( avios and a 242 voucher)
Trying out Cathay Pacific First lounge just now. It only opened a few months ago. Very nice. We were also going to BA First lounge but it's too nice here. Lovely menu. Only had dim sum basket and OH had noodles in peanut sauCE. Top class champage. Think I will sleep on the plane! Will have to- LV is 8 hours behind us and we arrive 7.30pm !
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