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with lots of luggage looking the same (shape and colour) how do you spot your own from a distance whos got the best advice : :tup
ha ha nice one we always tie a green carrier bag to the handles then we spot them a mile away.. :rofl
Yea, we do the same we have navy cases and they look simular to everyone elses but then we spot the bright yellow ribbons on the handles.. Yellow ribbons.. Thats ours ;)
Both cases are plastered in stickers from various places we've visited. There are stickers on the top, bottom and all sides so we can spot them a mile away and often see them being loaded onto the plane.

luci :wave
I bought two sets of luggage straps from the £1 shop - one multicoloured stripey set and and one green set; and use both sets together so we can pick out our standard black suitcases on the luggage carousel.
Apricot and silver ribbons on the handles - 2 sets of ribbon, not a weird combination!
My mum bought us luggage straps with our names woven into them.
Tartan ribbons and neon green luggage tags !
We've got bright yellow and green striped luggage straps. I have to tie them on as well as 2 years ago I had mine stolen by someone behind the scenes at either Birmingham or Larnaca airport undoing it, so now with them being tied on, they got no chance. This year I'm also going to use a strap with a combination lock on it too!
Neon shoe laces tied to the handles, plus neon luggage labels and personalised labels with our photos on - that's us !! :rofl
I use the pink or green version of the orange tags at the bottom of this page. Spot my case a mile off and it's got my address in it too. Only three quid for 2.;jsessionid=0a000d4a1f431f3860a9913947c98af1f5d8703b6029.e3eSc34RbhyRe34Pa38Ta38QaNr0
Primark have some great luggage tags in at the moment, different colours and designs; and matching passport holders and document wallets too, for the co-ordinated look. I bought some gold/silver luggage tags from there a couple of years ago - another way of making the cases "stand out".
A brightly coloured strap and I make and laminate brightly coloured luggage tags.
We put a gaffer tape x on our luggage,worked a treat :D
I made my own lables on the computer (before the HT ones were available, will be having one of them this time) with my photo on one side and a bright pink background with my name and email addy (not home address) on the other side. I also have a bright pink ribbon on the handle.

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