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Hi everyone,

I would like to apologize in advance, because this post is probably going to be very long, but I'm young and I'm desperate for advice, so I hope you understand. On a whim, I've gone and booked a trip to Palenque in Mexico, I leave on the 17th, and there's a lot on my mind that's worrying me.

Firstly, I've booked the trip with Maya Sites Travel Services, I can't seem to find any reviews online though, has anyone had any experiences with them or heard of them? They booked the flights for me, I gave them my card details and they booked them through Expedia. My flights are ridiculous, just to get out there I have to go on four flights, and to get back I'm on three flights, I think it's because I left it so late to book. The flights are with various airlines, shall I post all of my flight times/details here? I'm extremely worried about the flights, one because I'm scared of flying in general, the other being that I haven't flown in years, and I don't know the process of it all.

I'm 20 years old, and have never travelled far even with family, I've never travelled anywhere at all on my own, so obviously this trip is daunting. I practically would like to be told what I need to cover, what things I need to get done. Things like travel insurance (which I've done), passports, visas, or anything else that I might need to consider (like how to spend money out there). I will actually be spending a night in the USA on my way out, then I'll embark on a three flight haul the day after with various stopover times. Coming home will be three flights, which includes a 5 hour stop in Paris. So you can see that it's quite a journey. Shall I post my flight details on here?

And then there's a few other things that have just popped into my mind, like will my phone work in the different countries that I will be in? My bank card? Do all the different airlines I'll be flying on accept a big case of luggage? Is there anything else I need to consider? Then there's clothing to think about! What will the weather be like in Palenque?

Also, what's the process at airports? I haven't even got my tickets yet, I've been given my codes and stuff, but some of the airlines don't allow me to access the online check-in till 24 hours prior to the flight, does that mean I have to print my tickets?

So yes, I've booked myself onto a tour in Palenque (Mexico), and getting there and back totals 7 flights. I would like all the advice I can get, any help would be highly appreciated. I'm very scared!

Kind regards,
Xagan :)
How long will you be there?

You say you have booked a tour, do you mean just a tour of the site or a tour to somewhere else from Palenque. The Mayan site is fantastic and you could spend a couple of days wandering round it but there isn't an awful lot more in Palenque to see. It is quite a few years since I was there so it may have changed considerably. The temps. should be hot around 30° .

You don't have to do online check in with most airlines but it does help cut down waiting times same goes for printing out tickets. If you have confirmation reference numbers you can check in and receive your boarding card at airline check in desks at airports. The only airline that states you have to do web check in is Ryanair and I don't think any of your flights will be with them. To know the luggage allowances we have to know the name of the airlines you are using. Most allow up to 23kg but your internal flight in Mexico may have a lower limit.
Wow, thanks so much for your helpful reply. I fly out on the 17th and arrive back on the 25th, so yes it'll be a good week, but there's lots of celebrations going on at that time so it should be fantastic. As soon as I arrive at Villahermosa Airport, I'll be a part of a guided tour which will mainly take place at Palenque everyday, but it'll also include a few trips to museums and a local boat ride to other ruins.

I'm flying with Delta, Aeromexico, and Air France.

All three airlines allow up to 23kg of checked luggage.

Hope you enjoy your trip, an interesting part of the world. I hope to return there for another visit before long.

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