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Hi all, has anyone got any info on this hotel in paphos .I beleive its a timeshare resort and i have the chance to go next aug and wondered what its like.
all i can tell you is Yes it is a timeshare resort
and sorry we do not have any information [we do not cover time share] however if you need to know anything about the location , trips or general info on this part of the island please ask away

Can you tell me how far it is from centre of paphos as will be attending wedding in paphos
what is the location of the wedding [pafos is in 3 main parts Kato Pafos [the harbour area] neo Pafos [old town] and corral bay]
if you can find out which hotel/chappel whatever the wedding is to be held at i can give You an aprox distance [by road] i will be back on line in a couple of hours

I'm sure it's on the road past the Corallia Beach hotel heading away from Coral Bay.In other words an expensive taxi ride there and back.You could always walk to the Corallia and get the bus into Paphos but I'm guessing you'll be dressed for the wedding so not really practical.
Im sure what used to be called Rania Resort is now called Panareti, if so it is on the other side of Paphos.

Kath x
yes kath

its somewhere on Posidonos out towards the Pafian bay.. sitll waiting for the wedding info so i can give directions/distances

Hi , I'm the Client Liaison manager for Panareti Luxury resorts and am based at Panareti coral bay resort . The panareti pafos resort is indeed a HOLIDAY OWNERSHIP resort.
Its on the airport side of Pafos , approx 3/4km from the harbour and if you know pafos at all it about 300m from the Amatheus Beach Hotel

welcome... and many thanks for clarifying your location

sorry acidently deleted a message...

leons Post subject: Re: panareti paphos resort
Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:51 pm

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Posts: 1 Kelias...

Can you help, please..

I have a timeshare at Panareti Pafos Resort..

Their website no longer works and I am trying to book a week there.

Tried to PM you, but not allowed ??

message for Kelias

call reservations , tomas , on +357 26934019


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