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Can anyone suggest a pretty, quiet Greek Island/resort for a package holiday that would involve only a short transfer from the airport (no ferry journey). Not Skiathos though cos we aren't keen on landing at another airport on the return journey. Also, we don't really want to go to Kefalonia.

You could try Samos and stay at Pythagoria.
It is a matter of minutes from the airport.
Hi there - don't let the landing at Volos put you off going to Skiathos. It only takes abt 10 mins max to get there and you're only there about 1/2 hour. Been to Skiathos in June this year and it is lovely, really laid back. Would thoroughly recommend it.
Try Haraki on Rhodes - only about 30 mins from the airport, peaceful 2 street village with castle. About 30 mins by bus to Lindos.

We're ging back for our 2nd visit in October - and we normally like quiet islands that DO involve a ferry journey!

Myrtos on Crete - 1.5 hours transfer but worth it - an absolutely lovely place.
if you fly to skiathos with excel you do not have to refuel,check out the flights

I think that depends on which flight and aircraft type as we flew back from Skiathos this month with Excel and refuelled at Limnos - which added over an hour to the journey - but it's fine. However, I did note other flights that were direct - around half in fact. So just check it out before you book. Skiathos is fantastic and worth the stop anyway.
Can recommend Samos. A beautiful unspoilt island with a very clean and underused airport. There are a maximum of three airlines that fly there from the UK.

We stayed in Samos Town which was about half an hour from the airport but Pythagorio is just minutes away.

Samos does not attract the 'lager lout' brigade so retains it's Greek charm especially if you get off into the interior mountain area.

If you put Samos into the search bit above you will find quite a large forum on the island.

Dear Laramie,
I would recommend Lesbos as a perfect alternative. We stayed in Molyvos, an absolutely beautiful place to stay, the only negative is the beach. However the resorts of Petra and Anaxos are close by and have good beaches. It is a big Island so plenty of places to discover. The best beach is down at the south of the Island at Vitara. The prices seemed to be very cheap when compared to other Islands we have visited recently...Kefalonia, Samos, Corfu and Zante. The people are friendly and you don't feel like your in an area dominated by English tourists.
Therefore highly recommended, ENJOY !
Absolutely agree with Rhombus. Lesvos is perfect!

We stayed in Anaxos last year. It is a very realxed quiet place with a lot of Greeks on holiday (rather than full of British). It is beautiful, clean and charming and yes, cheap!

The transfer time is two hours because of the dropping off of tourists en route but it passes quickly as the scenery is spectacular!

Sure you'll love it.
Arrived back from 2 weeks in Lesvos last Thursday and totally agree with previous posts, very much underated island with very few Brits. Great beaches( away from Molyvos) good food and very scenic and most of the roads are good to, in fact something for everyone except lager louts. One warning, if you travel with First Choice the transfer can be awful, ours took 3 hours with 8 drop offs, the aircon on the bus was very weak, 2 people got off part way and took a taxi and one chap was overcome with the heat. This was the most appalling transfer in 25 years of Greek travel made worse by the rep. who insisted nobody should leave the bus at the drops to stretch their legs, naturally she was ignored. A terrible start to an excellent holiday!
Lesvos and Molyvos it is for me. it is a beautiful resort, and there are some great restaurants here. We stayed up by the castle. As others have stated the beach isn't up to much though. But we hired mopeds and went to some nearby beaches which were pretty.
I know you say you do not really fancy Kefalonia but it is a very peaceful holiday if you stay in Sovronata it is a very short distance from the airport.
Lesvos also was a lovely place but did find the transfers very long well worth it when you got to your destination, Skiathos was ok if you are a beach person still some nice resorts on Corfu but steer clear of Sidari if you want it peaceful I'm afraid the chioce is yours what suits some does not always suit others
Hi Laramie,
Stayed at Grape Vines Apartments, Alykanas, Zante. Check out Hotel Report, also Resort Report under both spellings, Alikanas and Alykanas. We went with First Choice Holidays.
Dear Laramie,
Sorry, forget to tell you about the transfer, it is one of the longest you will have. If you stop in Molyvos you will be the last to be dropped off... 2 hours a typical transfer. However last year our coach broke down half way to the resort. Our Manos rep did not speak Greek and the driver did not speak English.... problem. Not a bit of it, drivers were constantly stopping and offering drinks of water and helpful advice to the driver as we the passengers relaxed by the side of the road in the Pine Forest. Eventually a rep from another company turned up with the spare part required by the driver. The driver fitted the part and the unscheduled 1 hour stop was over. The friendliness of the people stopping to see if we were alright was refreshing to see and matched at every point of our 3 week stay there. Can't wait to reurn soon.
Have just got back from two great weeks on Samos as others have said nice and not spoilt buy the larger louts we stayed just outside pythagorion which is the shortest transfer time we`ve had 5 mins
Lesvos is lovely - we stayed in Petra.
Have you thought about Parga? Greek Mainland but lovely! take a look at for info.Transfer time from the airport at Preveza is about an hour on the coach
Ithatha is a tiny quiet island off Kefalonia. Afew years back we stayed on Kefalonia and went over to Ithaca for the day. Did the whole island in a day. It is beautiful.

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