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Hi everyone,

Looking at Summer Memories for the end of September......cannot find any info. on the hotel reports. Has anyone stayed here ?If so could you give any info.

Many thanks. :D
Never stayed there :)
but as I look out the window I can see Summer Memories :D

Studios are clean, standard accommodation. aircon is payable locally. There is a pool, a snackbar/poolbar.
It's right in the centre of Pefkos, opposite A-Bar

Friendly staff, never heard any complaints about the place.

Charlie, have a look here.

Haven't read the reports, but they might help.

thanks andy and sub..kind of you to reply...will look on there :D
Hi Charlie....I stayed at the Summer Memories last August with my Wife & Daughter.
No problem with the place, friendly owners & bar staff, accomodation is typical Greek clean & basic.
Location is pretty well central within the resort with decent restaurants & bars close by without being noisy.
Pefkos is a resort for couples & families & it was about 5 euros in a taxi to Lindos.
Hope that helps you out a little.
many thanks robad, will try and book soon.....ready for a holiday now.. :D

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