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royal kenz hotel
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Hi Dave, you'll find the telephone number on the review page, couldn't copy it, so here's the link.


Hallo Dave,

Te above number is not entirely correct


Jinene Kantaoui, BP338
4011, H. Sousse, SOUSSE
Tel. :
3 24 61 00
Fax : 73 24 60 69

Kind regards from the Netherlands,
My mum and dad are going next week can anyone tell me if there is a kettle in the room.
My mum and dad are going next week can anyone tell me if there is a kettle in the room.

Only in the superior rooms
hi can anyone tell me are beach/pool towels provided at the royal kenz in port el kantoiu
hi can anyone tell me are beach/pool towels provided at the royal kenz in port el kantoiu

Hi again teddie, I stayed at this hotel a couple of years ago and from what I recall you need your own towels,the Kenz does not have direct access to the beach from the hotel it's a short walk past the pool through the gardens and down a road,the Marahaba Imperial 5* which is over the road from the Kenz (stayed there last November) has direct access to the beach and provides towels you get a ticket from reception to give to the towel man by the pool,when you give the towels back to him you collect a ticket to use the next time.

Hope this helps
The Kenz supplied beach towels last year whilst I was there. You get a card on arrival which tells you your meal times (dont worry about the times - just go along when you are ready) and the card is also used for the towels. They were pretty small towels though - not much bigger then a hand towel

me and my boyfriend are going to tunisia on the 11th june for the first time, as everyone i am sure, i have heard good and bad things.

any tips?
any pictures?
anyone stayed at the royal kenz recently?

thank you :D

ps. I am very excited about two weeks to go!!!!!
is anyone going to royal kenz on the 11th june or around that time?
Just go with an open mind. I've stayed here 3 times now and loved every minute of it. It is an adult only hotel, well over 16's so you wont get lots of small children there. I could not fault the hotel or the food and i am a fussy eater. Tunisia is very cheap and the weather in June is very hot :sun Make sure you take lots of high factor sun creams and drink lots of bottled water. Friends have just came back and it was 43 degrees and its not into June yet. I went in June and could not walk in bare feet on the sand as it was scorching, You are dry getting out of the pool and sea before you get back to your sunbed :shock: But i'm sure you will have a good time, just go and enjoy. It may be abit of a culture shock but dont let it put you off as it is a muslim country and the Tunisians are very friendly people just trying to earn a living. They do hassle you abit when it comes to shopping but a firm no thank you and keep walking usually does the trick. The Royal Kenz is about a half hour walk along the beach to the marina, but if you prefer then taxis are always waiting at the gates and are very cheap. Only use the yellow taxis and agree a price before you get in. Its usually about 3 dinars to the marina which is about £1.50.,maybe abit less, just roughly half everything and you wont be far off. Hope this has helped you out but if you look on the other forums there are lots of useful advice from other members
Great post, deb :tup

Im off to the Kenz in October(yep,Ive got to wait 'till October :tdown ) for two weeks, and to say I cant wait is an understatement.

The reviews of the Royal Kenz ive read have been mixed, but the good seem to far outweigh the bad.Not that I pay too much attention to the reviews,tbh.
Due to visit the Royal Kenz next month, has anyone been recently - have heard some mixed reviews about the town but nothing about the Royal Kenz.

There is already a subject on this further down the Tunisian forum page for you to look at :idea:
Thanks for the replies, I will look further down!!!!
I have checked the other messages, although they are from 2003-2005. Does anybody have any recent experience of the hotel Royal Kenz??
many thanks, just what I was looking for!

My husband and i are going back to the Royal Kenz in september can anyone tell me if it's right that you get tea/coffee making facilities and fruit on arrival in the superior rooms?Also does anyone know the price of a taxi from monastir to there as we are are going with first choice and not sure about the coach transfer waiting around!!
i am going to stay at thr royal kenz in pek does anybody know if the coach transfer with first choice takes a long time or is it quicker to get a taxi? :lol:
When we stayed there the coach transfer took approx 30 mins. It all depends how many stops you make on the way :!:

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