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We are probably going to spend some time there this summer. Just not sure how long to go for. We have found a lovely little hotel with a small pool so we can relax after the temple tours.
I was there a few weeks back. We took five nights but as we came straight from UK via KL we wanted to do it in a leisurly fashion. Got a three day ticket to temples and guide and driver via the hotel. We could have done it cheaper by hunting externally for a guide and driver but you're only talking a few pounds. Think its worth getting a guide as you get more out of the experience than just walking round with a guide book. Worth having sturdy shoes for clambering round the temples. My favourite temple was Bantaey Srei - about 20kms out of town. On some trips out we'ed return to hotel for lunch round the pool during the heat of the day before setting out to visit another temple.

Real surprise was the food which was excellent. Pub Street is a must visit of an evening with night market, pubs and restaurants. Not as frenetic as the Thai equivalent.
Possibly 3-4 days. I spent 3 1/2 days/4 nights there, 2-3 days for temples and 1/2 day on the lake. This gave a bit of relaxing time. You can do it in 2days but I found the temps very hot and sticky and felt really drained so it was nice not to have to rush around.
thanks both. Had thought 4 days. I've wanted to go there for years but am afraid of heights- but decided I can't miss out just because of this.
You don't need to climb the temples, you can just walk round the bases. When I went in 2003 I climbed up to the top but I now have a problem with vertigo so wouldn't attempt it. Lots of people didn't climb up but they still found the views of the buildings awesome.

judith- I now have chronic labrynthitus, although I always hated heights before this. I can stand at the top of places like Victoria Peak or Christ the Redeemer- just don't ask me to get myself up or down there :D
You could always go on the tethered balloon they have to take in the views. Vertigo must be an HT Far East thing, I spent most of Avatar with my eyes closed :) and I'd already taken a travel sick pill in anticipation of feeling queezy.
Seriously though the Khmer temples are very low by design so on the trips you will rarely come across a need to climb up many heights. Those that do have steep steps you can decline. Our guide refused to clinb up one temple as he had steel pins in his legs.
no way am I going up on a balloon!
I am sure I won't feel left out if I can't climb everything.
That's me- booked now :D We have booked Central Boutique Angkor hotel.
we have 4 nights but leave late on in the final day so we have 4 clear days and an afternoon :D
Plenty of time to take in few temples then :)
Yes- we also wanted time just to have a wander around and to relax :)
Oh my goodness Fiona, Cambodia is awesome, you will love it , please tell me what you are doing for the rest of your trip?
We stayed in Siem Reap for 4 nights and it was perfect, I really enjoyed the Tonle Sap lake fishing village , we had plenty of time for relaxing as well as 'doing' the temples.
we are going to Hua Hin for some relaxation and of course I have to go to Bangkok :D
Of course you do Fiona, just like me when I go in November , I simply have to have 5 nights there just so I can show my daughter all the sights ;)
Fiona, how was the hotel and how did you get to Siam Reap from Bangkok?
Hi Martin
the hotel was great. I can't seem to find my report- I'm sure I did one :think Here is my hotel review.We booked hotel and flights from Bangkok with Bangkok airways. They had a great deal on. Loved Siem Reap. We took a 2 day temple pass and covered the main ones in the first day, which is just as well as I became really ill the second day and only lasted a couple of hours.
I was really proud of myself as I climbed right to the top of Angkor Wat. There are steps now as I gather a tourist had a nasty fall. However, it was still some climb!
I would return to Siem Reap and to the same hotel.

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