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We've booked a superior room because of what we read on the reviews - no AC or fridge in the bungalows and that they are rather dark and claustrophobic. I understand that there *are* AC units in the cheaper rooms, but like you say you have to pay for it on top. We go on Wednesday so when we get back on the 13th I'll have a better idea.
Just had reply from hotel the deluxe rooms we've booked come with every thing included

Cheers RJL
Having just got back I would recommend the Silver Sands. It's in a brilliant location - you can't get any closer to the beach. The staff are lovely, the rooms are fairly basic but very clean.

My only complaint is that the beds are ROCK HARD, but I don't know if that's just that hotel or a regular feature if you stay anywhere in Goa.
Almost all of the hotels in Goa have rock hard beds :( we stayed at a private apartment
last time and the beds were great, so they are available :tup
Anybody stayed at this resort? Would ike to hear from anyone who has stayed at this hotel. We are looking to stay for 2 weeks in January but only know what we have read on the forum. Is i suitable for more mature people (not old codgers) but are worried that it may be a hotel for younger people. Any advise would be appreciated.
It's nice and not especially for younger people, I stayed there a couple of years back. Not in the cottages in one of their premium rooms.

Only slightly annoying thing was they kept on turning the power off to the rooms whenever we went out so the A/C was always off when we got back, even if we were only gone 30 mins or so
Stayed here in 2008 and hope to go back next year. Basic but good enough :tup
Hi,we stayed at Silver Sands Feb/March this year for 4 weeks our 3rd visit there.It is an excellent resort very close to the beach,& Beach Road is at the corner you can fall into Teama bar its that close.The staff are great nothing is too much trouble for them,we always stay in a superior room,fridge telly & aircon come as standard.We go back there on 13th Feb 2012 for 3 weeks cannot wait,PS, public computer is at reception costs 20 roops for 30 min.
i love this hotel, the loction is great and the staff and athompshere here really made our holiday all the guests were friendly and welcoming and offered advice if needed and yes the rooms are basic unless in a superior room, but lets be honest we only need the rooms to sleep in. loved it so much going back again in just under a week.
Booked in at Silver Sands 10-18th March 2012, anyone else there then?
Julian we are also staying here at the end of March.
We were booked for the Ronil Beach but we had to change our holiday and couldnt get Ronil Beach for the dates we wanted so opted for Silver Sands.
We are also staying in a superior room so I look forward to hearing what you think of the place, any recommendations, hints/tips etc.
I am not sure where the superior rooms are situated in the hotel, dont know if anyone can answer that or can recommend any good room numbers?
Hi Gemma, its a shame i'm gonna miss you for by a few days, last time i stayed there i really enjoyed it.
4 years since i was last there and i think the superior rooms were fine, basic as i've said but fine for a base and only 50 yards or so to the beach!
The staff were all very friendly, which is why on returning this year my first booking choice was Silver Sands.

Think i might have some photos if you want me to email to you?

Looking forward to meeting your double act, IC :rofl :rofl :rofl
Are you talking of the Silver Sands in Colva or somewhere in the North?
Silver Sands in Candolim, bottom of Beach road on the right.
Thanks Julian, will PM you with my email address and some photos would be excellent, thats great :tup
Dont be letting IC lead you astray with the coffee drinking, thats what she does to me :rofl

Yes Tony its the Silver Sands in Candolim.

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