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Stuck here in work it's such a loooong day, not much on the forum to read so decided to pen a little ditty for all of us who are waiting to go....tune of winter wonderland (again)

The Time Has Come To Pack Our Cases,
And Visit All Our Favourite Places,
We Won't Sleep Tonight,
Try As We Might ......
Dreaming Of A Goa Wonderland

When We've Unpacked We'll Take A Shower,
And Have A Nap For An Hour,
Then It's Off To The Shack,
It's Great To Be Back,
Chillin In A Goa Wonderland...

After Brekky Slap On The Piz Buin,
Then Decide What We Are Doing,
It's The Sunbed For Me,
And A Dip In The Sea,
It's Great Here In Our Goa Wonderland....

If You've Not Been Have No Fear,
Lots Of Hints And Tips On Here,
Just Relax Have Some Fun,
Enjoy The Warm Goa Sun,
Have A Great Time In This Goa Wonderland......... :wave:
Brilliant it sums up exactly how I feel - love it :-)
Brilliant Keith,certainly put a smile on my face

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