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Seat booking is normally 90 days prior to your inbound flight, but if you're on a cruise charter it may be different.

Welcome onboard :tup
Your flights are actually operated by Thomson Airways (TOM prefix), not Thomas Cook (TCX prefix). You'll find further details on our Thomson Airways Topic.

connorhansonuk wrote:
Hi All,

I am trying to claim compensation for a flight I travelled on in 2009, but I'm struggling to find the exact delay information.

The flight in question was TCX248K MAN-DLM on Thurs 28 May 09. It was scheduled to depart at 13:55, but if memory serves didn't leave until around 20:00 because of technical faults...

In my communication to them I am wanting to say the exact delay info, but can't find a record of it on Flightstats - putting in TCX248K yields 'invalid flight number' and TCX248 details the planes return trip from DLM-MAN.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, we were on what sounds like the same flight but the date was Thursday 27th May 2010. All flight numbers & times are the same and we were delayed for 6 hours. I have managed to find my paperwork but no boarding passes. Have tried searching for evidence of the flight delay online but can't find any. I remember being given food vouchers of £5 each and flying approx 20:00. Hope this helps you, I'm going to try and claim for the same delay. Good luck!
Hi Dazbo,
Just pre-selected my seats as we are on a boeing 767-300 series. Row 2 F , G & H. Does row 2F have extra leg room as there appears to be no seat in front of that and does 2H have a window to keep the little one happy or is it blocked out....!?

Cheers Ash......!

Row 2 has windows and seat 2F are standard seats, not extra legroom.

Flying 20.9.13 from Manchester to CreteTCX2464. Will we be on B752 or B753? Booked seats in row 1 (e and f) and the bulkhead seems to be on different sides depending on version. Thanks for your help.
caroline davis,

MAN-HER-MAN (TCX2464/5) are operated by Boeing 757-200.

Hi Darren,

Grandparents are off to FUE 23/11/13 1week from MAN outbound TCX2014 returning 2015 - what aircraft will it be?

Cheers Gavin

MAN-FUE-MAN (TCX2014/5) are operated by Boeing 757-200.

Is there any news on when we'll see G-WWBM join the fleet? I am scheduled to fly on her next summer, but will be nice to see her active again. Also, do we know whether she will have her reg changed to G-CHTZ as has been mentioned somewhere?

I believe it joins the fleet in October with services commencing from November under the registration G-CHTZ.

Hi Darren
What happened withe the cancun flight today?? Many hours late I will be on that flight in 2 weeks hope it will not happen again,
I thought TCX were using MCO now? I've noticed a few flights still to SFB lately, have they changed their minds?

It's not until April 2014.

Flying Cancun to Manchester next October, just had flight change. TC are saying its it's a A330 but when I've went to choose my seats the configuration is 2-4-2 all the way down the plane. It's TC325, any information on this flight, IFE, seat pitch etc.



Details are on our What Aircraft? Guide (link below). It's the ex-Bmi A330-200.

Oh dear, I can't believe they're still flying that load of junk all the way from Mexico. Long-haul flights with no seat back screen and 31" pitch. Just as we'll it's a night flight, but it'll still be a nightmare.
I was under the impression that the ex BMI A330 had seat-back screens. If you google it there appear to be responses from Thomas Cook indicating that to be the case. Maybe we won't be certain until the plane actually enters service.

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