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Sep 10, 2017

Looking for recommendations for great 5 star all inclusive hotels in Lara beach. Concerned that if w…

Last post by Glynis HT Admin 2017-09-12 16:02:11

Sep 3, 2017

Hi, i am looking for advice from famillies who have recently been on holiday in Turkey. I have mysel…

Last post by Fiona 2017-09-08 16:59:09

Sep 5, 2008

hi ive just got back from turkey and for the first time in marmaris and icmeler area every time i w…

Last post by Jrjim 2017-09-02 15:43:59

Aug 23, 2017

Hi Anyone been here or to Beldibi?

Last post by dimaria 2017-08-23 13:26:55

Aug 13, 2017

Hi has anyone been to the ramada resort side and could answer a few questions??

Last post by Debiedwards63 2017-08-13 19:14:49

Mar 19, 2017

Who is looking forward to their holiday? When are you off and where to? Let us know here :) Feel fre…

Last post by Fiona 2017-07-31 13:10:04

May 24, 2006

Assuming they do everything correct the first time round once you get the papers from the consulate …

Last post by Annmarie McGrath 2017-07-29 12:35:56

Jul 24, 2017

Antalya offers plenty of things to do for everyone. If you want to dose up on sightseeing, you&rsquo…

Last post by dentalclinicturkey 2017-07-24 13:51:51

Aug 27, 2013

I have just discovered here and a new user here. If you have any question about Turkey, You can as…

Last post by vanexcel 2017-07-02 18:51:44

Jul 2, 2017

Hi everyone I will like to know if someone can kindly help with the current prices of t shirts and l…

Last post by vanexcel 2017-07-02 18:45:31

Jun 20, 2017

Hi. I'm new to the forums don't know if I can ask this but we have had to get another vil…

Last post by Lance Chambers 2017-06-27 06:33:17

Jun 22, 2017

Hi We want to go back to Turkey this summer. We have been to Icemeler the last three times that we …

Last post by JulzMay 2017-06-22 23:28:59

Jul 18, 2014

Hi - was at pine bay in kusadasi a month or so ago. One song stuck in the head that animation team s…

Last post by Fiona 2017-06-11 18:54:04


Hi me and my family have just got back from a 2 week holiday in marmaris and we honestly had the bes…

Last post by anthony.higgins50 2017-05-31 20:08:53

May 30, 2011

Hi I am currently looking into booking to go to Marmaris with my boyfriend. I have been to Marmaris …

Last post by Fiona 2017-05-27 15:49:11

May 7, 2017

How much money will a young couple need for a week in marmaris self catering I go next week and am n…

Last post by Liambarr13 2017-05-07 19:24:07

May 6, 2017

Anyone been stopped and asked for passport in Turkey ?

Last post by brewerdave 2017-05-07 07:05:17

Feb 25, 2017

Hi everyone looking to book our holiday in turkey but need some help choosing looked at reviews etc …

Last post by John Neil 2017-05-06 12:20:17

May 6, 2017

Anyone been stopped and asked for passport in Turkey ?

Last post by John Neil 2017-05-06 12:07:16

Mar 12, 2017

Hi all I'm booking our holiday for July and i would like to go turkey never been before so need…

Last post by Claire Gleave 2017-04-30 17:31:46

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