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Your flight numbers will have changed to new ones, to obtain these you can either phone thomas cook or if you let me know what time you are travelling i can check for you
Thanks BEfreeTODAY, Flight times are 18.15 Man-Palma and 22.50 Palma-Man. Neither of our two local shops had any idea that numbers are changing. Without this forum we would never no what is happening months in advance as the shops only ever notify us after we tell them. Thanks Bryan
got through to thomas cook eventually, the flight numbers are right, they are getting rid of the k/l on flight numbers. she said that they are constantly uploading new flights and normally you cant book until 99 days before you depart but to keep checking as the flight may be loaded earlier. i am wondering whether its because the flight isnt a common one and only goes once a fortnight so by adding that flight they may not get as many people wanting to prebook the seats like flights that go all the time. i will keep trying and hopefully will get through soon


All flight numbers change to this format on May 1st. :)

I hope this helps you to log onto the system, it may not work still however, please let us know
Thanks BEfreeTODAY, Those the numbers we tried today and it accepted them but we wanted to be sure before booking. With five kids we have to book early as being partialy sighted i have to be sat with the wife and kids. Thanks again for your help Bryan
Hi, have been trying to pre-book seats for our hols next April to Orlando.
Depart Glasgow-Sanford 30/04/2011 TCX324 returning 14/05/2011 TCX927.
When I fill in the details it just comes up-add outbound flight, which I have done already, have tried a few times now with just the same answer, any ideas why?
Thanks Mark.

Try adding K to your outbound flight as its before 1st May

Wondering if anyone can help.
Flying from Manchester 23/10/10 TCX135K to Monastir
Could anyone tell me what type of aircraft we are flying on and what is the seat pitch

Many thanks

Try adding K to your outbound flight as its before 1st May

Thanks, but tried that and still comes up with-add departure flight number.

Im just looking and see the 13:15 departure from Glasgow to Sanford comes up on the 30th April as TCX348, could you give that one a try and let us know how you get on :)

Im just looking and see the 13:15 departure from Glasgow to Sanford comes up on the 30th April as TCX348, could you give that one a try and let us know how you get on

Thanks again for replying, but again same response-add departure flight number :que
Hi guys,

Flying out to ACE 24.10.10, TCX732K, then returning 31.10.10, TCX306L. Can anybody let me know what the aircraft operating these flight is usually on before the run down to ACE?

cheers :tup
Hi Am flying with Thoams Cook to Antalya on Saturday 28/08/10 TCX415K / 415L

I have paid for the extra leg room seats in row 11 .

Question : I picked up my tickets on Saturday and the girl in Thomas Cook shop said I could check in on line . If i check in online will i be allocated the seats I have paid for ??

May be stupid question, but hopefully somebody can answere as girl in Thoams Cook didnt have a clue and I dont want to start checking in and find i have a different seat number and have to try and sort out at airport at 4.30am

You can only use online check in if you have allocated seat numbers so no worries. I have never heard anyone complaining that their seat numbers had changed after checking in online.
THanks very much

Will check in this afternoon

Have now checked in and with correct seats :D :D

Have maybe asked this before but can't remember the answer.

Do you know where TCX43K to Las Vegas will come in from before it flies out on 13 October 2010?

Will it be an ex MyTravel plane with a downstairs toilet (we were talking about it last night and my wife is worreid that a downstairs toilet will be in the luggage hold. I assured her it wouldn't be

And, a silly question I know, but, because of their working hours, do the flight crew that take the plane out to Vegas stay in Vegas for a week before bring the following weeks' flight back?


I am flying to Gran Canaria from East Midlands on 22nd November on flight TCX527K and return on 29th November on TCX527L.
Can you advise what aircraft it will be as on my booking confirmation it say A330 200 but i was always under the impression that it would be a boeing?
Also do you know where it will have flown in from before my journey?

hi wilkini.....when I booked my confirmation stated A33o-200....but when tickets came was a B767 which carries nearly twice as many passengers......think the A330 is the plane in normal use for that flight..but in peak times they use borrowed boeings....I went 19th july which is beginning of school your going in nov they may be back to using the A330's if the demand for seats is will know when your tickets come....and they will have the seat plans in for which ever plane it is....tweetie

Its likely to be an ex MYT a/c with downstairs toilets however nothing is ever confirmed, and the downstairs toilets are a really good idea which of course are not part of the luggage hold :D

If it does state A330-200 i would be very suprised as its likely to be a A320, the base allocations have not been released yet for EMA
hi BEfreeTODAY..... have just found my confirmation reciept from that holiday....and it says A320...not A330....tweetie

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