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I had problems with Thomson. Turned out the number I was putting in. The booking Reference - Which it showed in bold type on my documents was not the right one. Went into the shop and they did it.

The idea of getting rid of paper documents and doing it all online is great. Can someone just tell those that set it up they need to try it themselves before they expect us to do so!

took my details to thomson shop,they did it there no problem.just read on another board that t.cook on line API is not working,and the person went to shop and was told they could not do it either.was told to just do it at airport.just repeating what i read.
Thankyou both for your replies,if i cant get it sorted tomorrow,i will try to get to a TC or Thomson shop,but it means traveling quite a few miles,and really could do without this hassle.
I could only manage by using Mozilla Firefox :que
It doesnt seem to work on IE.
i have been trying for 2 just says my number is not recognised......

went into TC shop to ask them to do it, girl in there just told me to keep trying, she couldnt do it, as they used the same system.....

?? not sure what to do next, as on the web, it says you may be refused travel if its not done before you get to the airport.....

then on another page it says, no worries, it can be done at the airport???? :que
K&R.........its exactly the same as whats happened to me,and i leave for Egypt in 9 days time.
I am absolutely furious with the incompetance and careless regard for customers.
I booked through 'Sunshine'holidays and i doubt i will use them again,as i,ve NEVER had so much trouble with other travel agents,and i do travel often,even 3 weeks ago i was going to Egypt,booked with 'Travel Republic' and i never had to go all through this cack. :banghead:
There is an api helpline number somewhere on te tc website. The store won't help you if you've booked your holiday online. Normally they'll only help you if you've booked in that shop.
i booked my holiday in the shop......

i shall attempt to ask them again this weekend, and see what happens........

i will aslo have to do this again i think for a spanish holiday with first choice in july :yikes
Some Thomas cook shops don't have Internet access.
I'd try phoning the number, they'll be able to tell you why you can't do it. The tc
shop won't be able to tell you much at all apart from try and get on the website themselves. I hope you get it sorted.
I do have some sympathy for the tour companies here.

The government introduced the e-borders scheme and offered no financial assistance to any of the tour operators or airlines to implement a system that has to collect the data and provide it in a format acceptable to the border control.

Whilst it may seem simple to collect a few details, the expense and complexity is massive, it is costing the industry a fortune. Unfortunately this is ultimately passed on to the customer.

Bear with them, they will get it correct, eventually!

This may help with which countries they are asking API to be submitted for.
It seems strange that they only need Costa de Almeria and Costa Dorada for Spain!!
May I ask, what is API? Passenger info? Or is it the reserved seating thing I need to do soon?
API is Advance Passenger Information. It is basically your personal details off your passport. Some airlines collect this at check in, others ask you to submit it in advance.
I think the reason why you cannot enter API into the TC system is because the flight to Luxor from Birmingham is coded as a Thomson plane (Flight TOM 276) and it says on the TC customer help page....
Please note API details is being collected for Thomas Cook Airlines and Monarch Airlines only - if you are travelling with any other carrier booked through Thomas Cook these details will be collected at check-in.

So, the way I understand it, you are travelling by another carrier (Thomson) and your API will be collected at Birmngham Aiport at check-in.
Wed, 07 Apr 10 09:00 Depart Birmingham (BHX)
Flight TOM 276 15:15 Arrive Luxor (LXR)
Operated for Thomas Cook

Wed, 21 Apr 10 16:30 Depart Luxor (LXR)
Flight TOM 277 21:30 Arrive Birmingham (BHX)
Operated for Thomas Cook

If its a thomson flight then that'll deff be why its not working. TC api is just for tc packages with TC flights.
TC api is just for tc packages with TC flights

Not according to the quote in my previous post, the system will accept Monarch flights too.

But, really it begs the question, why didn't anybody else in the industry think about checking the flight code.?

I think it's called "thinking on your feet". ;)
Now I have a TC holiday booked and it states TC plane but this is the first I've heard of API? I've read my invoice thingy and can't see anywhere asking for this to be done. Is it ALL TC flights that you have to do the API? if so they didn't make that clear to me!
erm.........not sure sorry, this is the first time we have gone with TC.....

i called at the shop where we booked, lady said they are aware of problems online, and not to worry, it will all be done at check fingers crossed......

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