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Hi we are flying to Dalaman on 12/9/13 flight numbers TOM648 & TOM649 which aircraft will we be travelling on? On row 12 are there just 2 extra legroom seats? Many thanks
Hi We are flying MAN-LCA on 8/09/13 Have booked seat online and config was 3-3-3. Just wondering which aircraft this will be? Many Thanks
Has anyone seen the new premium menu yet for long haul to dom rep as there was a revamp from May I believe?
The ex BMI A330-200 is also 3-3-3.
L10-11 wrote:
The ex BMI A330-200 is also 3-3-3.

That is going to Thomas Cook, not Thomsons, and it's 2-4-2.
Could you tell me what type of aircraft my sister and her family will be flying on please?

Tom 3776/7. Doncaster to Paphos on Sunday.

DSA-PFO-DSA (TOM3776/7) are operated by Boeing 737-800.


BHX-DLM-BHX (TOM648/9) are operated by Boeing 757-200. You'll find extensive aircraft information on our What Aircraft? guide (link below) with a link to the seat plan so you can see where the extra legroom rows are. Row 12 is the door 2 area exit row.

Can anyone answer this?
I've noticed that next years flight schedule to Sanford, Florida has 28 night duration flights. I've never seen this before with ThomsonFly.
However all of these 28 night flights are shown as only 2 seats available and it would appear that this is too much of a coincidence for every flight to have 2 seats left, especially a year away!
Does anyone know if this is Thomson testing the water with this longer duration flight. I would like to book 4 seats!!!

Why don't you give them a call and ask if there's 4 seats available?

mulvers wrote:

Thomson Airways

Thomson Airways is not concentrating on flight only, this side of the business is very much 2nd fiddle to the holiday business. The call centre has the same access to flights as we do on the website. I've tried and failed many time with their many rules and quirks.
Dazbo HT Mod wrote:

Why don't you give them a call and ask if there's 4 seats available?


Already done that and got the reply I expected, only 2 seats available, just seems odd for every 28night flight to have 2 left!!
Maybe they only have 2 seats allocated for 28 night durations?
Does anyone have any ideas what the meal selection is like in Premium Club to Cancun?

Hi any idea what aircraft is used to fly to Barbados with P&O Charter Tom 034 09.50 departure jan 24th 2014 just got the onfo but no idea of aircraft used I like to know
many thanks

LGW-BGI-LGW (TOM034/5) should be operated by former First Choice Boeing 767-300/ER.

crikey that was like Concorde supersonic reply many thanks Darren
Tom034/5 will be operated by the new 787 Dreamliner.

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