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Is it all talk that no one will listen to or is action at long last here????

Take a look....
:bow :rofl :gluck :glynis :yipee :hyper

Great news Fallan, I saw this myself and was about to post the link but you had beat me to it, I have used emoticons because what I really want to say on this subject is un-printable, however I have it on very good authority that now is the time to smarten up there act or it's good night Vienna for them.

Great news and about time as well,as they are a nuisance. :D
Well said Sliema2.
I particularly enjoyed your comments in the first reply before it was amended :lol:

I visit Malta with my mom so when they scum approach us I do not stop or make eye contact and just say 'no thank you' If they are persistent and follow us I tell them we are mother and son and they usually go away.

The two I hate the most are the old biddies on the front at Qawra (Qawra Palace I think) both got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

One of the blokes in Bugibba Square can get very nasty with people who try to argue the point with him but when ever he sees my mom and I he waves if he is busy trying to cozen some poor unsuspecting tourist otherwise he comes over for a natter and never ever talks 'shop'.

Our favourite is the young Scotish lady who touts the main street in Mellieha. She is due to marry a Maltese who lives in birkirkara. She lives in St Pauls Bay. We talk with her for ages every time we visit and she never tries 'the sell' on us either. Lovely person.

Although non of us like their jobs nor M.O. some of them.......NO, a few of them........NO NO NO...... one or two of them are very nice people underneath. :wink:

Can't wait till November when it cools down. Going again for 3 weeks
Hi Fallan, glad you liked my original post I did to but I edited it because I am in danger of over ranting about things that really bug me this being one of them and I really don't want to become the Victor Meldrew of Holiday Truths, personally I haven't got time for any of them they all come across as arrogant ignorant low lives, "I don't beleeeeive it" I can feel a rant coming on so I'm off, the words rag red and bull spring to mind.

Hi everyone here is the latest news, sounds like the low life vermin have had there wings clipped at long lost :rofl :wlink

When I was out there for a week, they never approached me once. I saw loads of them, but not one even asked me a question.

Maybe I look like a pauper :rofl
Do they tend to target a particular age group? families? I've never ever been approached by them anywhere I have gone.
In Qawra last year we noticed that the touts only approach couples so my wife and I used to split up on leaving the hotel and meet at an arranged place.

When I was out there for a week, they never approached me once. I saw loads of them, but not one even asked me a question.

Maybe I look like a pauper

Do they tend to target a particular age group? families? I've never ever been approached by them anywhere I have gone.

I think you have a point there, my sister last visited Malta with her late husband and was approached by time share people.
She is presently on holiday here, she has been staying at the Bugibba Holiday Complex for this last week, has walked through the square area quite a few times but has not been approached once this time.
I guess they are assuming a woman alone with three kids is "too poor to afford time share."
So perhaps families should also agree on a meeting place, split up and become "single parents" and then later meet up.
  • Edited by ingliza 2005-08-22 21:55:51
We were in Buggiba/Qawra for the last week in July this year and did not get approached once. Last year when we were there we kept getting stopped so this year was a 100% improvement.

It makes your holiday so much more enjoyable knowing that you haven't got to keep saying no to people.
Hi Folks,

I'm in Malta at present and I've been pestered blind by these timeshare louts both at Sliema ferries and in Bugibba! I'm beginning to ask myself where are my human rights regarding this harassment? They are responsible for me having to walk on the other side of the Strand in Sliema to avoid them. One of them is called Gary and should be avoided at all costs!!!!

I thought the Malta Tourism Authority were meant to be getting to monitoring this, that's what it said a few times in the local press ????.
  • Edited by Sliema2 2005-08-30 09:06:35
Apart from dropping them into a pit of rabid wild animals and allowing them to be torn from limb to limb... I am I allowed to post that here? My deaf mate and her hearing husband had terrible problems with them, when they finally understood 'no' my deaf friend had unprintable names shouted at her as well as disparaging remarks about deaf people. Disgraceful way to behave - picking on disabled people. They tried it on me - once.

Rottweiller, rabid, spitting fire spring to mind. They guy started to walk away from ME, but I followed HIM shouting at him and calling him names!! :twisted: Get rid of them - we're there on holiday, not to be harrassed. I can get harrassed in Glasgow any day of the week thank you very much! Dive safely.
When we were in Malta in March we were pestered to death in Buggiba.One of them was a real nasty piece of work and after telling him numerous times we were not interested and him still going on i saw red and told him to get lost(no swearing or anything).That was when he starting hurling abuse at us and he said he was going to get his girlfriend to come and sort me out (so gobshite here asked him why did he have to get his girlfriend ,wasnt he man enough to do it himself).He had no answer to that and just walked off.During all this my hubby who is Maltese was fuming and i had to stop him from doing god knows what to this timeshare guy.
I would be quite happy never to see another one again and it certainly puts you off visiting certain parts of Malta.
A word of warning to all those who have purchased or are thinking of buying into one of the World Class Vacation Club products. This article may help or prepare you!

You have been warned!
ummm, just goes to show.
It is about time these things were outlaw'd, I always say if you like a place that much why not get your own place, why would you want a timeshare.

Dave :evil:
Hi Dave,

I agree but these slimeshare louts can be very persuasive especially with older folks. Trouble is the likes of me gets their back up and they start getting rude and aggressive. It's time that the Maltese Tourist Board sorted out these gangsters especially our friend (ha ha!)
(name removed)
and his mates who are terrorising folks around the Sliema Ferries!

Can't understand how they get away with their behaviour and why something is never done to stop them. Seems to me that there is probably some financial benefit for the Maltese Authorities otherwise they would have been given the boot long ago!

Hi everyone, having only just got back from Sliema last weekend I can say with hand on heart that we only saw a couple of them at the ferries throughout our holiday, because they have been rumbled, they seem to have now started crawling around at the top of Bisazza street where the bus turns right down to the ferries, not as many of them but they seem to be lurking waiting for unfortunates at the bus stops near there, we also encountered some rather irritating people at city gate in Valletta who I think are carrying out surveys on behalf of the MTA, but they seem to of adopted some of the charm of the slimeshare vermin.
We are off to Bugibba for 2 weeks on the 11th October,cant wait to go just hope things have calmed down alot since we were last there,it was horrendous.

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