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My son booked a week AI at the Caretta Beach wih Thomas cook last June, for a family of 2 adults & 3 children, which cost him £2500. With only 4 weeks to go, he has today received a letter saying that the rooms aren't as advertised in the brochure, and they have only just been made aware of the errors :que It seems that there is now no lounge, and the kitchenette is smaller than advertised. The apartment is duplex style and has 2 bedrooms with a double bed in each and a sofa bed. The door opens into one of the bedrooms, and my son wouldn't be happy with the children sleeping there with them upstairs. However, the other problem is that the boy of 11 would have to sleep in a double bed with his 9 year old sister. The only other way round the problem would be for either the 3 year old to sleep in the room with the balcony, or for mam & dad to split up and dad to sleep with his son - not exactly what you want when you've paid £2500 :duh I've just been on the Thomas Cook website and all the other sixe accomodation, have twin beds, but there is no mention of beds in the 2 bedroom apartment. The lounge is still advertised as being available in the accomodation. :que I've told them to ask whether they could move one set of twin beds in for them, seeing as they are available in other accomodation. I don't think that's an unrealistic expectation. What do you think? The letter states that if they have a problem in what they were now being offered, they could upgrade at their own cost - but upgrade to what? They have the biggest accomodation available. Help or any useful suggestions needed before they go to the shop tomorrow please!
Here's their website with contact details, maybe a phone call or email may help with the twin bed situtation.

There's also a video of rooms but think there's a problem with it - well it kept closing on me anyway. :(

I think TC should foot the bill for upgrade to be honest, your son could always have a quick word with Simpson Millar to see where he stands legally.

Freephone: 0808 145 1358 (Mon - Fri 7am - 9pm)
Thanks Glynis - he's hoping to get into the shop where he booked this afternoon, so hopefully they'll be able to resolve something.
I'm finding it very hard to believe that it's now mid July, and Thomas Cook have only just realised that the room description is wrong. Has no one stayed at this hotel since it's been open this season :think I truly hope they get it sorted, as this is their first family holiday in 7 years. They could really do without this stress at the last minute!
I agree Helen - they have had all this time! My experience though makes me think that they've done a rolling notification, therefore not advising everyone that's booked at the same time and doing notification in stages, which is a way tour operators manage changes, but is not the best way for the customer! :yikes
hi ...I had a look....the only accomodation it shows is one which consists of a kitchenette....that leads onto a room with 2 single beds....that leads onto another room with a double and 1 single bed....the video ran for me and went round the first bedroom in a circle...showing clearly 2 single beds....and both bedrooms on same upstairs ...I would refuse to accept less than I had booked and if nolonger on offer an upgrade paid for by the tour even the accomodation in the advert shows 2 bedrooms on same level.... and single they do exist and available....if the tour operator cant provide what they offered and you booked and paid for its up to them to sort it out....tweetie
Tweetie - I looked at the same video, and they clearly showed twin beds. That's all really that they'd need, is to swop one of the doubles for twin beds. I realise that as a family of 5, they could probably have done with a lounge area, but that isn't a big problem. They didn't manage to get into the shop where they booked today, due to work comitments, and my daughter in law kept getting the answerphone all afternoon. She did manage to speak to someone from the place where the leter was sent, but they were of no help at all :que
I wouldn't hang around I'd email hotel Helen with ref number and request twin beds etc, even put a signature at the bottom of the email saying 'Member of that will then link them to the forums - might help :tup
My DIL has phoned the place where the letter was sent from (I'm presuming Head Office) 3 times today. Twice she had the answerphone and the 3 rd time was on hold for over 20 mins, and gave up. She then went into the shop where there was a queue of 6 people waiting to be seen. She did eventually speak to someone and they told her they'd get back to her by the end of the day - she's still waiting :que My son has just phoned and said he can't get into the shop until Sat morning, but he'll then be staying there until something is sorted. They really don't want to change the accomodation as the little ones have been looking forward for so long, and keep looking at it on the computer all the time. I've told him, if he doesn't get any sense on Sat I'll e mail the hotel, to see what they can do.
Helen , personally I wouldnt be bothering with TC . They will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot . I would be doing exactly as Glynis says and trying to sort this with the hotel direct .
Thanks Lyn - if it was me that had booked it, that's what I'd be doing, but I don't want them to think that I'm taking over. At the end of the day it'll be them that has to make the decisions as to what to do.
Well eventually they have managed to speak to someone in the shop where they booked. Apparently the change in accomodation has been brought about because the hotel has changed from SC to AI this season - although this still doesn't explain why it's now Thomas Cook is informing it's customers. :que The assistant was very helpful and did offer to search out alternative accomodation for them, when they explained the situation. However the original hotel is ranked as no 1 on the Island, and the children have looked forward so much, they didn't want to change. The assistant eventually phoned the hotel to ask about the sleeping arrangements, and asked if one of the doubles could be replaced by twins. The answer was very vague, they didn't think so because of the sleeping arrangements in the other types of accomodation. The downstairs room has a double and a sofa bed, and upstairs has a double, so either my son, his wife and the 3 year old will have to sleep downstairs, and the other 2 upstairs - although they are 11 and 9 they'll have to manage for a week, or my son and grandson will have to be upstairs, while his wife and the 2 girls will have to be downstairs. Not really an ideal situation when you've paid £2,500 for a week - but they'll have to make the best of it. I've offered to e mail the hotel directly, but they said no - don't think they want any more stress, & want to enjoy the run up to the holiday.
Thanks for letting us know Helen - it's such a shame really as it's put a bit of a damper on things. However I hope they have a lovely time and it doesn't turn out to be too much of a problem for them.

(Any other time it's single beds all round :duh )
I thought that too Glynis. It's very rare that we've had a double bed in all the times we've been abroad - a twin is much nicer in that heat :tup
Helen I'm sure once they get there they wont be nearly as concerned as they are now and will have a fabulous time . Sounds like they need a holiday :D

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