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col256 wrote:
Port El Kantaoui in June?

As above for Sousse - it is only a short taxi ride away! Have a great holiday.
Port El Kantaoui in June?

It should be ideal. Not as hot as in the height of summer but really nice.
Hi all in HT land.
I'm going to Yasmine Hammamet in two weeks time and I was wondering what the evening/night time temperature is around this time of year.The reason I ask is that I don't normally take anything long sleeved on holiday and I was just wondering if I'd need something to keep warm.
Many thanks in advance.

Here you go David. It's actually for Sousse but won't be much different in Yasmine Hammamet:

Whilst there do try and call in to The View, a cafe/restaurant/bar run by Kate Bahri and her Tunisian husband and say hello from me. I haven't been myself as I'm nearly always in Sousse but it looks great from the pictures I've seen. I'm told they do very nice meals and you can even get a decent cup of tea. :cheers
Hi Aslemma.
Thanks again.Sorry I didn't reply earlier I've been watching the Rewind Festival being live streamed from Henley!
The View was on my "to do" list. Been in there in the past. So it's Aslemma from Aslemma? lol

Kate won't know me by that name David so you'd better say Pat from 'No Marmite' and Facebook. :smile:

I just wish I was going out there now as the weather looks fantastic just as our summer is beginning to fade.
Hi Pat.
I had a strange idea she wouldn't have known you as Aslemma! I'll defo mention you when I'm in.

I am actually Aslemma on a couple of forums David, but I originally 'met' Kate on another one called No Marmite in Tunisia, set up by an ex-pat, where most of us used our real names. I got to know quite a few people on there, leading to me taking out a home-made Christmas pudding to PEK for someone suffering withdrawal symptoms and an invitation to a beautiful wedding. :smile:
Hi Pat/Aslemma.
Finally found the View right next to my hotel after hunting for it. I hadn't realised it had moved since I was last there! We only went in once as when we were there some drunken English guy decided to go for the bar staff with a pint glass and all hell broke loose.Whilst we were beating a hasty retreat, all the staff were interested in was if we had paid for our drinks! Lovely customer care...Not.Had this happened in the UK we would probably have been offered drinks as a way of apology from the bar.I left a message on their Facebook page regarding it but it was quickly removed.Obviously it's a case of only positive comments only.

That's absolutely appalling David and there is no excuse whatsoever. I've only heard good things about the place though I haven't been there. I will however get in contact with Kate to let her know, if she doesn't already, and also tell her that I will never recommend the place in future.

Sending you a PM.
You now know Kate's response and no doubt you are as unsatisfied with it as I am. Their loss, as you won't be going back and I'm sure you won't recommend the place to others.

We are booked to go this year 11th may does anyone know what kind of temps we will be expecting?

Thanks in advance
Hi again Tamara. If you click on the link in my post higher up this page you can see the weather forecast and note that historically it is in the 20s in May, which should be very pleasant. It will obviously be worth checking again nearer the time for a more up-to-date forecast.
I'm going to Hammamet on the 21st of this month and I don't care what the weather will be like as it'll be an improvement on the weather in Scotland. I asked my wife what we would do if the weather was bad and she replied "work our way through the cocktail list" Good idea wifey! lol

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