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HI Andy & Caz,

Thanks for your feedback.

I'm unaware of a mass exodus to other review sites?

Are you looking for a picture of a hotel? On the home page you can easily use the search box on the right hand side to allow you find the hotel you're looking for and if we have a picture it will be displayed right at the very top.

Images on hotel pages are a new addition as we didn't have these on the old site. The media gallery has been removed temporarily whilst we work on a new version that is better and easier to use.

Maybe the removal of the media gallery is causing the issue as no one can view it at the moment? :que

Cheers, Phil
hi phil thanks for the reply
i did not realise that the site is still under construction i will look forward to seeing the finished product.
is the old site still available as my wife would love to see some of the members photos.

Andy & Caz
I am normally a lurker here mostly for information, been a member for years..
Not been on a holiday for quite a few yrs as the children been going though GCSE's and i started university.
But i must say i am not keen on the change and find it hard to find things now, but i am
sure i will get used to it..
Hi Andy,

It will always be "in development" I guess as we it will never be finished like a fine wine? lol

The media is the biggest thing that is missing. Other bits are just tweaks and enhancements.

Unfortunately not we have had to turn it off as a whole. We are hoping to get the new media gallery up soon though :)
Apologies that you cannot view them at this time. And thanks for supporting HT :)
Cheers, Phil
SerendipityJo wrote:
I am normally a lurker here mostly for information, been a member for years..
Not been on a holiday for quite a few yrs as the children been going though GCSE's and i started university.
But i must say i am not keen on the change and find it hard to find things now, but i am
sure i will get used to it..

Hi Jo,

The forum part of the site hasnt really changed it still uses the same software was before it has just been given a much overdue facelift.

The review section has had a complete overhaul. Try the the "Browse Holiday Reviews" that can be found on the right of the home page to help you find hotels if you are struggling?

Cheers, Phil
Hi Phil

I was looking at hotel reviews but they seem to be dated?? Old reviews..

Also before you could get alot of information for a resort.. One time a had pages for one place i asked about :)
I am trying to get info on Turkey.. Never been and worried i will be spending alot of money and
not like it.. I don't know where to go for this info now really..

HT will always be my first port of call

HI Jo,

Thats thats all that has been submitted at the moment. We do have about 2000 reviews to vet/move though :)
Ah that would be interesting if you still have it? We are going to set something up to allow members to write the resort content if they so wish and then it will be used on the site and accredited to you.

That sort of information on Turkey should be found on forum like before? Unless you go a a specific resort of Turkey ie.

Reviews of Antalya

Thanks for your support for HT. That't great to hear :)
Cheers, Phil
to me the site does not seem as busy as it used to be. But i only look at the Turkey side of posts.
hi booker
this site is definitely not as busy as it used to be many a time when a question was asked the response was so fast that it was like being in a forum.
Also very often you could mention that you were going to be in resort and somebody else would pop up and say that they were going at the same time and meetings were arranged and new friendships were made this does not seem to happen anymore.
which is a shame as it was always nice even to just meet for a coffee.

Agree there totally, it was also as tho people were sat waiting for a post, so they could comment, perhaps its a sign of the slowing down of the foriegn holidays :-(
i`m not sure but it does seem a little strange i remember a couple of years ago there was a group of people that were wearing ladybirds on their clothes so others would know they were forum readers.

i know the forum users of icemeler online regularly arrange to meet up and maybe that would be easier to arrange from icemeler/marmaris.

But i dont know about yourself but i get a bit of a kick out of meeting people from the forums as we all have that one thing in common a love of turkey and it`s people.
i also use icmeler online and have been on a meet last october, and yes its great to meet new people i love it but the wife is a little more reserved than myself. lol poor lady
my ex used to be but i have recently got remarried and my new wife is realy keen to meet others she is a turkey virgin but she is quickly picking the bug up off myself.
the problem i am facing at the moment is trying to think of things to do and places to go which i did not do with my ex but we are already planning a few days out and about seeing some sites i have not seen and places i have not yet visited.
we are going to ovacik which is also new to myself i was in olu four years ago and only visited hisaranou briefly so we are looking to explore here as well.
ahhh, we don't do much exploring, my wife has a lower spine problem so sadly or happily most of our days are by the pool chilling, however i do like to go out on an evening and find smaller places to eat and try the local food instead of plank steak lol, Have only done marmaris and Icmeler, would like like again to venture to other places but the wife is happy with Icmeler so if shes happy, easy life for me.
my wife also has some spine problems but gets about ok although with the aid of a stick and if not rushed,
but if you like icemeler and marmaris but like to chill there are a couple of resorts that i can recomend that i think you may like.
dalyan is fantastic a nice chilled out atmosphere and only 30 mins from the airport. it is flat so getting about should be fine for your wife.
also bitez plenty of good restaurants and only a bus ride from bodrum, yalikavac, and turgitres so great for a bit of local exploration.
sorry (i think the spelling is wrong for the above)
but there are quite a few resorts that would be great if ever you fancy trying something different one year.
Think we will have to try new places TBH, nice talking to you andy.

I used to like the old HT when you could look at hotel reviews of all the hotels in one resort on one page and could see how they were rated ie: how many stars reviewers had given them and it was then easier to review the hotels with a high rating and obviously not consider the lower rated hotels.
I am an Icmeler fan having gone since 1992.I had visited Kusadasi and Marmaris before this and loved Icmeler.
I have been to many other resorts in Turkey such as Side,Alanya,Gumbet Bodrum,Olu Deniz and where we visited Hisaronu and Fethiye.I have visited dalyan on a day trip but we like the beach so discounted there.This May I went to Calis beach for a change which was a big big mistake. :really
It was scruffy away from the front prom and main street and after discovering the wonderful old village in Icmeler last year I am not chancing going anywhere else in Turkey as no where has come up to Icmeler.
Its been improved year by year even when it was perfect IMHO and has such a variety of lovely restaurants to choose from they are very competitively priced. :tup :sun2
dalyan is a wonderfull town but as jay trip says there is no beach it is river based although the beach is only 30mins by boat.
if you check out the turkey forum on here you will find my report of dalyan from this may/june.
the hotel review is waiting to be posted on here as there is still a little backlog on the reviews.
Hi All...... I agree, nowhere near as much info as before, when I used the site for a hol in Sharm El Sheik in '04, '05.

Looking now for a hotel review of a Thailand hotel.......none for Kata Beach Resort, so thought I'd look at nearby hotel reviews..........and that was confusing !!!......Kata beach & Spa hotel had a review for Kata Beach Resort.....2 different places, and the map placement had it positioned where Kata Beach Resort actually is........OK...The hotel I was looking for .....But all under another hotel's name !!

Posted a request for info, and used to get loads of replies...... now....1 !!....Kata Bay is pretty popular, I'd have thought.

Used to be a lot more people online at one time I thought too. 17:40 hrs...4 members and a few guests the other day....... I agree, there seems to have been an exodus. Couldn't even find where to log in when I returned !!!!....... :(
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